Becoming a Warrior without Weapons

My three year old toddler came to me today pointing a ruler, yelling, “shooter, shooter”. My mouth dropped, my heart broke into a million pieces. We are a family of peace, speaking up loudly when we see pain inflicted towards oneself or another, holding fertile ground in awakening social responsibility. We value our stillness, our silence, living a purposely peaceful life, not even owning a TV so as to reduce the background noise of nonsense. When we do watch movies,…

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Allow Anger, but chuck Hate.

Most don’t know there’s a difference between the two; anger and hate, and although they seem to be cousins, they’re distantly related. The question is, what do we allow in our space and what do we close the door to? Anger to me, is always a stimulant, a mover and shaker; honing into your truth and corralling your power within, not giving it away like you do when you hate. Hate is powerless, that’s why it’s masqueraded as a power…

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Gurus of Multi Level Marketing

Multi level marketing is the new Facebook blogging essentially. You get noticed finally, and make money in it! But does it come at a price? What happens when we become a gurudiva instead of a being who likes what they sell? I, myself, am in several multi level marketing businesses, but not for the reasons most are. For me, I love the product so much, I can’t help but share my find. Best part is, I can make some bucks…

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We are Trump, like it or not.

As much as we oppose or support Donald Trump, I came to recognize he is the mirror reflection of America’s mental state of awareness.  We are toddlers when it comes to emotional import/export. We have no filter, everything feels in our face, besides not having a long enough history in experience in being an adult yet. Let’s make one thing clear though, adulthood isn’t much better. It’s filled with therapy, in trying to unblock where we’re limited in our beliefs, which…

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In order to rise, we must address our density.

In order for us to raise our vibration, we must be willing to witness our anger (which keeps us dense). I do strongly believe in that with raising our vibration, and how to do just that, is to confront our own demons. This is why I say, we ALL need ‘therapy’. When you see another’s ‘evil’, you are witnessing the absence of love, and though in no way are we anything like the murderer, we are. Bare with me. Hate,…

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Late On Time.

I’m always catching up. I must have too much to do, right? Why is it that so many seem to have an equally full life and yet they can handle it all? It finally dawned on me when I just looked at me. I stopped looking at the comparison, instead turning my gaze into my own Universe. I have a different life. I experience things differently. And I’m still healing. As many know the long story of my decades long…

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Am I an introvert or just exhausted?

I battle with this introverted identity, in trying to understand the difference, if there even is one. People can feel exhausting to me mainly because when we share our feelings we’re in a state of discharge. And here I am huffing away on their tail pipe trying to help them not feel the way they do, which is arrogant of me. Who the hell am I, to block them in their purge? But the question is, how do I not get…

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