Here is a list of the upcoming events:Live (In-Person or Virtual) with Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium
*Private event party, registered guests only.

Online LIVE Readings

Year 2021:
Psychic Healing w/ Vanessa Wishstar, IM (Intuitive Medium)
Tue., July 20th @ 5:30pm-6:15pm
225 Main Street office (upstairs, adjacent to CVNews, end of hallway on left.)
***Donations appreciated.***
This is a pop-in event, first come, first serve, where I offer you one on one space clearing in a group setting. In this high vibrational frequency I’ll work with your psychic field giving you clarity on what needs your attention and that awareness is healing in itself. Come join me in this active meditation of consciousness.
Event info:

Small Town Mediums – Psychic Podcast
LIVE every Friday at 12/noon (AK time)
Join on your phone by downloading Podbean app, then go to Small Town Mediums

Year 2020:
Mar. 24th 2020 at 3 pm (Mountain Time):
Coronavirus LIVE Q & A Psychic reading! Event flyer, go to Center of Evolution of Consciousness Facebook page for the live reading link.

In-person Live Group Readings

More events coming soon – in-person, interactive, live group session readings

“Tune In Live” with Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium

More events coming soon – on-line, interactive, live video group session readings

For either type of event, there is a 3 step process in getting set up, so please follow directions to the best of your ability.  

Step 1:
Find the live event under the Shop and add it to your shopping cart. Please Register, if you haven’t done so already. *When you do ‘Register’, you will need to verify your information within 24 hrs via an email automatically sent.

Step 2:
Checkout. Payment must be received to hold your spot in the group reading. There are no refunds, although you can sell your ticket to someone else who can buy your seat from you. Also arrive ON TIME, preferably 10 minutes prior whether it’s an In Person group reading or a Virtual one. Amount due will be emailed to you and must be received by the deadline prior to event. Or you can pay directly here:
(click on Ticket to purchase)
Tickets are NON-refundable

Step 3:
On the day of the reading, you will go to your Private Reading Rooms and find the room with the current date and the Live Reading title.

Miscellaneous info:
Live Group Reading Session with Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium will be held at the location designated on the ticket. It starts promptly, so arrive 10 minutes ahead of time to get situated. *Your ticket is your receipt. I look forward to connecting with you and for you. If you’d like to get the most out of your group reading; be present. It’s easier said than done, but I’ve found the more the guest is really present, rather than being absorbed in the mind’s chatter, the easier it is to ‘hear’ the messages coming through for you. Basically all you have to do is breathe and have a little faith that, what’s meant for you will come through in the best way you can understand it. Also prior to the event, night before, ask your guides and loved ones to show up and deliver the clearest messages possible for you. This intention works miracles, I’ve seen. You can jot down a few questions, if you’d want clarity on specific things or you can just see who shows up for you and what they want to get across. Remember the more balanced your energy and openness on your part, the easier the alignment is with your Source. 

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