Soulful Abortion.
A psychic mediumship’s experience on where they come from.

There is no death. 

Just as there’s no beginning, only in-body awareness within our understanding of time. 

Here’s how it works from my experience with others and personally. 

They come way before conception. The babies. Possibly before you were even born, scientifically when you were in utero. Soul time is no-time, just orchestrated dances fed through absolute consciousness. Our beliefs and values hold no placement here. Your beloveds call you, as you call them. It’s a meeting of souls. 

When the baby comes into ‘embodiment’ it’s not by accident. It’s also not by accident if they leave by miscarriage or abortion. Much like suicide, I’ve discovered through my psychic mediumship practice that it is way above our current level of awareness in measuring good vs bad. It’s not even a concept. So the person who is fully in-body, harbors a lot of guilt, shame, from our social collective beliefs that we are responsible for any or all of it. 

Tell me dear one, are you responsible for really getting pregnant? If you are a man are you responsible for your sperm’s super swim and in the correct direction? If you are female are you responsible for where your egg is and if it’s receptive at that moment? Can you control it? The answer is no. If you can’t control the fundamentals of your inner workings, how is it that you feel responsible for your emotional workings? We have no idea why our experiences are the way they are and even if we do get a glimpse into that underworld in trying to make sense of it, let’s save a lot of therapy in understanding, you did nothing wrong. It’s impossible. 

But what about murder!?! If you have cancer, do you remove it? Is that not murder? Look up teratoma, vanishing twin, etc, you’ll find that we are already murders, birthers, – creation full cycle. Do you run through the forest? Do you eat plants? Do you breathe oxygen? We tend to place a scale on the soul – who has one and whose is expendable. How densely human! I wonder what lions would think?

Point is, through a narrow lens, what we’re discussing looks like the end of the world, ‘save the unborn’! And there’s millions of arguments to support that and dissolve that. But what we miss is the higher perspective and in my job, this is all there is. 

The unborn summoned you on purpose. Not to do or be anything, but for YOUR experience and growth. Setting aside all of society’s chattery nonsense, listen to your inner connection with this being. Many, and I mean MANY times they are not coming in this cycle to be born, but to help you understand yourself better. It’s a soul contract. We mistakenly think that it’s our responsibility to ‘do’ something. Again, did your egg tell you you must do something? No. It was following the flow of ‘what is’, in this moment. This moment is created for you, by you! The plant you ate, the forest twigs that snap under foot, you are all of it. But we forget. So we separate ourselves, it’s only logical. 

Your baby wants you to know that you – are – love, that whatever you choose is arriving for a higher unfoldment for you to understand you. To love you through the pain, the not knowing, the suffering of humanity when it separates itself. Consider yourself a great portal of energetic expression and no matter your choice that you will be called to make, you will make the best choice in that time and space for you. It’s impossible not to. Your children want you to know this! Please don’t feel fear. Don’t listen from outside, use your wizard magick to silence that chaotic energy and go within. This is your God. 

Welcome to the next chapter of your life. You have many beings cheering you on, working together with your in-body assistance because yes it’s a true blessing to be here, even through the hell of it, but it’s not necessary for every soul’s advancement to be in-body. Feel the energy of all, in-body and beyond! 

Chirp – chirp,

Vanessa Wishstar 

Psychic Medium Spiritualist & Writer

*Chirp-chirp is how my two spirited children find each other when we play hide and seek. They’ve been with us for 11 years PRIOR to conception. See my blog post “Bonding with your Baby Before Conception”. 

Bio: I am a seafull of mountains always seeking the truth, a mystic-called dragon, a psychic phenomena(l) goddess who births stars and makes wishes on their dust. I just love being me. And you being you.

I live in remote, pristine, Alaska and also the regenerative healing waters of Florida, discovering how life is meant to be loved. My husband and two children are my entire universe in which we frolic about, living out this dream. “Live on purpose”, I say!

Vanessa Wishstar, Psychic Medium, Spirit Guide, Supernatural Writer