Living the Life

Late On Time.

I’m always catching up. I must have too much to do, right? Why is it that so many seem to have an equally full life and yet they can handle it all? It finally dawned on me when I just looked at me. I stopped looking at the comparison, instead turning my gaze into my […]

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Should I stay or should I go?

This surprisingly is not about an intimate relationship, rather an relationship between myself and life. There’s been so much that showed up voicing the belief that I should just give up. Yet the real question is, am I holding on? This time I wasn’t.  When things get stressful, more often than not it’s us holding […]

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Judgement is an inside job.

Over a space of time, I’ve noticed how judgement has been creeping into my inner circle of awareness and all I could wonder is why did I leave the door open to it? Maybe it learned how to walk through walls, regardless it’s sitting in my living room spewing condemnation. So how to be polite […]

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Do it anyway.

Here’s a glimpse into how to deal with what your psychic, astrologer or your palmist gives you. Do it anyway, but use the shift gear to get it into drive. Don’t match what they say, verbatim. Even when they say you’ll get a green truck and you get a white one, during Mercury in retrograde, […]

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Responsible for all the wrong things.

If you look at the word, ‘responsibility’, you can see that when peeled apart it’s the ability to respond. Not react, but respond. There’s a difference. I’m uber responsible. It’s a control thing probably, as I had a head injury at 22 and life dramatically changed, including my fancy footwork of carefreeness. But even then, […]

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