Evolution of Consciousness

“Intuitive Teachings for Soul Advancement.” Evolution of Consciousness is a non-profit organization whose mission is to instill awareness of going beyond our earthly limitations, birthing into our better being.

I offer classes/courses and online videos of how to elevate the mundane by evolving our consciousness, which in short is all about acceptance of ‘what is’ and using that raw power to work for you. I offer methods on how to get a handle on what life gifts you, even if it looks messy.

Adjacent with our non-profit is; Camp Evolution of Consciousness, which is literally that; a camp for all ages to nurture their innate nature. The camp is directed towards intuitive development, breaking through our limited beliefs that keep us bound, and space in which to discover your own unique gifts. We’re pioneering through uncharted waters of energy existence while learning how to thrive where we once were taught just to survive.

This camp is still in the womb of working and will be birthed when it’s ready. Until then email us for further questions and/or join us on Facebook as I’d love to connect with you.

Evolution of Consciousness Non-profit Website: www.EvolutionofConsciousness.org

Camp Evolution of Consciousness: www.CampEOC.com

Join us on Facebook: Camp EOC (link coming soon, but for now you can join up with Vanessa Wishstar Intuitive Medium:http://www.facebook.com/VanessaWishstarIntuitiveMedium  on Facebook)

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