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Parallel Happenings

I’m watching Northern Exposure, with a terrible sinus headache/migraine, finally reaching me-time after 14 days of hell with my son and daughter sick, my son being to the ER twice with terrible migraines, vomiting, and then a tooth surgery and dental work, I pray this is the tail end of the dragon’s story. 

As I sit propped up to let the pain drain, I click randomly on a saved Northern Exposure video episode. A series we’ve watched over the years only to actually live it, in the copycat town of Haines, Alaska. Yet here I am in bed with Vero Beach, Florida – my salvation. 

The episode is talking about how Joel (the NYC doctor transplant to Alaska) discovers he’s renting a cabin that someone died in. The guy shot himself in fact. He hears sounds late at night while writing letters back home about how beautiful silence and darkness can be while simultaneously holding a golf club curled up on the couch. Townsfolk shutter when he mentions his experiences and finally his landlord and friend Maggie O’Connell shares that it was indeed Jack who committed suicide in his cabin 40 years ago. As they were arguing about the details of Jack’s life, commenting how he was indeed the ghost that occupies Joel’s cabin now, my dress in my closet fell to the ground. 

‘Jack’ is not here. Not this time. 

But the energy of alignment is. 

Energy loves to gather itself, mirroring more, a fun house of sorts. Why not? Wouldn’t you? You already do! So, Jack might be in a movie, but it doesn’t mean that all the Jack’s in the world, even ones created on film, showed up to come out of my closet, sort of speak. What it does mean, is alignment. “Its showing up” is enough. It’s everything in fact. 

Parallel Happenings is what I call it. I can have dozens of them in a day, it’s more about how much do we notice? 

This is what they look like…

I’m writing down the word, “bacon” and my kid from the other room yells, “I don’t like burnt bacon!” Or, I’m on the phone with my mom and she asks my kid, ‘what are you eating for lunch?’ Turns out they’re putting the same food into their mouths, miles apart unknowingly. Or, my best friend 4000 miles always gets their haircut the same day as ours does, and only days later do we discover this. Almost every single time. Or I was given a pineapple cutter and I loved it so much. Days later I stopped by the thrift store and found the same one I was gifted, unused, so I bought it and gifted it to my mother who I was excitedly talking to about it, previously, as the original gift came from my mother-in-law. Or I happened to find 2 antique handmade ‘Elf on the Shelf’ dolls in a Goodwill and simultaneously my mother-in-law sent me a package which contained 2 other jester-like Elf on the Shelf dolls. Do you see? It’s attraction. It’s plentiful. I got news that a friend’s father won the lottery, again, and while I was on the phone with her I checked my tickets and realized I won another lottery ‘free ticket’. Or I get blocked in my driveway by a FedEx truck for 10 minutes as he’s fiddling around with packages and in my rearview mirror, I see the word, ‘Ground’. So I gift myself a 10 minute grounding meditation in my vehicle knowing very well this is divinely orchestrated. Funny enough the FedEx guy had no idea I was in the car. And just like Jack the ghost on the tv show of Northern Exposure showing up for Joel while simultaneously showing up for me by moving energy – as my dress falls off the hanger in my closet, we get to witness that we’re part of it all. Energy alignment IS happening. The question is are we noticing it or smudging, trying to eradicate tv ghosts?

Ghost dressed down as Jack.

Energy can’t help itself, it just keeps moving. We’re the channels in which direction it should go. So, yes *thinking ‘positive’ is helpful in what you want. And the next big step from there is feeling into it. That’s where the power is. But do you know where the HAPPENING is? Movement – not needing permission. To not know and trust in that. 


That’s how I got here. Typing in a bed, in temperate temperature, healing a sinus headache, well deserved as if it were my crown earned after the hell I’ve just walked through. I’m talking immediate hell of having every trigger, triggered going through life with a sick 8yr old him having sudden migraines which landed him in the ER, twice, a virus that zapped the whole family now, and dental surgery to top it off, an abscessed tooth removal, spacer put in, crown, and 3 cavities all on the left side and only has to go back to get the other side done. Good thing they have T.V.s on the ceiling for distraction. Point is, I get to make a point with my pen. I finally got the time to write this. Funny how that works. But not really funny. 

As soon as we jump into the energy movement, our personality, our wants, our opinions and our anxiety, it creates a wave, much like the one that sprained my pelvis leaving me unable to walk on Christmas ‘22. But even so, take the bad with the good, just stop labeling it. We must stop pretending that we want it all. We don’t. We just want the good parts – what we label as good. Good luck. You’ll miss it all. 

Just like labeling if that ghost was indeed in my closet or just on the other side of the screen, it doesn’t matter, it’s just energy. Do we want to flow with it or jump in, causing a big splash across our universe? Then stop getting out of it! To notice it, is to continue to merge with it. Want more? Notice more! When you’re knee deep, you’ll need a friend, or these words, or anything else to help you not drown in the pain because you can’t expect yourself to save yourself, so get help. But, when you’re not drowning, when you’re on the lazy river side of things, do the fun work of witnessing it, validating it no matter how small. Don’t wait for proof. 

As I type this, a fuzz, yes not a feather, but a fuzz, floated across my screen, landed, then floated upward. That’s beautiful energy! That’s what I’m talking about. A fuzz is being used to be understood that it’s all happening FOR you. Oh that saying, ‘it’s happening FOR you, not to you.’ You can love it or want it to go to hell, but either way, it’s happening. 

Let it. 

“Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be…”, 
Vanessa Wishstar
Psychic Medium, Spirit Guide, & Writer

Bio: I am a seafull of mountains always seeking the truth, a mystic-called dragon, a psychic phenomena(l) goddess who births stars and makes wishes on their dust. I just love being me. And you being you.

I live in remote, pristine, Alaska and also the regenerative healing waters of Florida, discovering how life is meant to be loved. My husband and two children are my entire universe in which we frolic about, living out this dream. “Live on purpose”, I say!

Vanessa Wishstar, Psychic Medium, Spirit Guide, Supernatural Writer