Psychic Life Series

Psychic Queer

Hi my name is Vanessa Wishstar and I’m a Psychic Queer. Let this not overshadow the real platform for ‘Queer Psychics’ or any LGBTQ+ identifying folks, as I have no intention of overshadowing the much needed spotlight in support, progression of our evolutionary beliefs and unconditional love. I’m just the gal in the witch’s hat in the back, cheerleading with identifying support. Here’s the thing, my ‘identity’ (not related to gender) carries a parallel story with those who’ve been enslaved…

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Psychic Life Series – Offerings of Animals

Psychic Life SeriesThe Offerings of Animals Animals come into our lives for communication beyond words. Same goes with us in their lives many times for validation, 2 legged presence, and understanding. We benefit from each other’s offerings when we’re balanced.  But what does it mean when the animal hurts us, or is dead? Are we doomed? Do we have bad luck or does the animal? Is something wrong here? The answer is no! Even when the animal’s life is in…

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Psychic Life Series – Parallel Happenings

Psychic Life SeriesParallel Happenings I’m watching Northern Exposure, with a terrible sinus headache/migraine, finally reaching me-time after 14 days of hell with my son and daughter sick, my son being to the ER twice with terrible migraines, vomiting, and then a tooth surgery and dental work, I pray this is the tail end of the dragon’s story.  As I sit propped up to let the pain drain, I click randomly on a saved Northern Exposure video episode. A series we’ve…

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