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Detailed Instructions:

  • please choose one of the “Reading” services in the shop
  • click “Book”
  • choose a date and time you would like to do the reading (note: please change the timezone to your timezone if it is not correct)
  • click “Check Availability”
    • this essentially adds the reading to your cart so you can checkout
    • do not click “Check Availability” again, or you’ll be adding 2 readings to the cart and the price should reflect that. Easy to fix if you did add too many: just click the red X next to one of the items in the cart to remove it.
  • click “Checkout”
  • please fill out your billing details, add any additional notes, and verify your order
  • click on “Request Confirmation”
    • this step will send me a confirmation email so I can double check that your requested time will work
    • you will see the order details of your new order and see that it is “Pending Confirmation”
  • When I confirm the appointment time, you will receive an email with a link to “Pay for appointment”
  • please pay for your reading and that will secure the date and time that was confirmed

Hours of operation: M-F (10am-3pm Alaska Time)
(PT: 11pm-4pm, MT: noon-5pm, CT: 1pm-6pm, ET: 2pm-7pm)

*Note: The way I prepare for your reading is through my own meditation. So when scheduling, please be considerate of my time by showing up on time (your time zone) preferrably a few minutes early, and if you have to reschedule, give me at least 24hrs in advance. As I can only do so many readings within the month and I have to space them out so I don’t get overloaded. Thank you so much for your intention and compassion.

Most readings are done ONLINE via instant message. Once registered, you will access to your Private Reading Room online. This is the space in which we’ll connect and ‘tune in’ with your loved ones and guides. You don’t need much, just internet connection and some typing skills but other than that all you have to be is present on the other side of the internet line. If you haven’t done Instant Message before all it is, is typing back and forth like email, but instead your communication is instant. It’s pretty spectacular. The reason I focus on doing Online Readings, is for numerous reasons. One of the benefits is that your reading is already transcribed which will be sent to you via PDF format so you can print it out and read it for years to come or save it in your computer. Another benefit is it gives me the silence to listen. Many people love to start sharing information, and I usually refrain from that till afterward only because I like to get my information from ‘them’ (your loved ones/guides) without your story of input. I don’t mean that rudely, as I love to hear about your validations, but doing readings is NOT like I have them on the phone and they speak the same language. It’s more that some come in quietly, others very quickly and some just act like they’re still at a party. So it’s hard enough to juggle all these different energies coming in and on top of all of it, listening to your story about it. This is why during our session I’ll usually say, “Is this person….” and then I’ll say, “Just answer Yes/No”. Basically in the long run it will give you AND me more validation rather then you doing all the talking. 😉

I look forward to connecting with you and your loved ones. See you in the ethers. 🙂

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Get Connected
  1. Create a User Name & Password. If you're already a user, then Login.
  2. Schedule an Appointment.
  3. Read over the Guidelines to get the best reading possible.
  4. Breathe.
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