Whether you were sent here via a friend, found me through the internet, or magically popped out of thin air, welcome my friend.

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Hours of operation: (Temporarily on Eastern time zone, Nov. 2021 – present):
Tue.: 2pm – 6pm (EST)
Wed: 2pm – 3pm (EST)
Fri.: 3pm – 4pm (EST)

Original schedule when I’m in Alaska (N/A at this time):
Mon.-Fri.: 9am-5pm Alaska Time
(PT: 10am-6pm, MT: 11am-7pm, CT: 12pm-8pm, ET: 1pm-9pm)

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I specialize in online readings because it gifts YOU and me the opportunity to hear what’s being messaged through written word. I’ve found it is so much clearer and to the point than any other medium. I also do Zoom readings, On-Demand Q&A (so fun and on point!) and phone consults too, but sometimes prefer online instant chat through a private reading room which I create for you above all else. This gives me access to really delve into your energy field without being sidetracked by extra conversation. As I always say, let your guides do the talking and just absorb as much as you can. Best part, it’s written down so you can re-access it anytime.

Group Readings 
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*Note: The way I prepare for your reading is through meditation. So when scheduling, please be considerate of my time by showing up on time (your local appointment time) even a few minutes beforehand, and if you have to reschedule, give me at least 24hrs in advance. As I can only do so many readings within the month and I have to space them out so I don’t get overloaded. Thank you so much for your intention and compassion.

All readings are done ONLINE via instant message, unless you signed up for a different type of reading. Once scheduled and paid (which a link will be emailed to you), you will click on the Private Reading Room link in the My Account menu up top. This is the space in which we’ll connect and ‘tune in’ with your loved ones and guides. You don’t need much, just Internet and some typing skills but other than that all you have to be is present on the other side of the line. If you haven’t done Instant Message before all it is, is typing back and forth like email, but instead your communication is instant. It’s pretty spectacular. The reason I do Online Readings, is for numerous reasons. One of the benefits is that your reading is already transcribed which will be sent to you via PDF format so you can print it out (soon downloadable) and read it for years to come. Another benefit is it gives me the silence to listen. Many people love to start sharing information, and I usually refrain from that till afterward only because I like to get my information from ‘them’ (your loved ones/guides) without your story of input. I don’t mean that rudely as I love to hear about your validations, but doing readings is NOT like I have them on the phone and they speak the same language. It’s more that some come in quietly, others very quickly and some just act like they’re still at a party. So it’s hard enough to juggle all these different energies coming in and on top of all of it, listening to your story about it. This is why during our session I’ll usually say, “Is this person….” and then I’ll say, “Just answer Yes/No”. Basically in the long run it will give you AND me more validation rather then you doing all the talking. 😉

Here’s the video on: How Online Psychic Readings work with Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium

PDF written version of a Sample Reading: SAMPLE-reading_2013.pdf

Most of the time, those who I connect with, I feel like it’s always guided, just like life when you’re listening. Your physical actions come from a place of stillness, deep knowing and listening. We have a body for good reason; to enjoy and carry through joy into this physical world that we perceive. I used to be of the belief that since we have this body, let’s use it to the fullest. So I did. Then I didn’t have it anymore (at least working how a normal one in the shop appears), so I got the opportunity to discover what the body offers. It offers expression in all different ways and connection through heightening our sensory system. So when my physical self fell off the map, through that disintegration I discovered a evolving sensory experience. You know the saying, ‘You need to get out of your own way’, that would be me. I was gifted a lot, one being a head injury. I was no longer able to do social things like eating out, going to movies, listening to music, driving a car, talking on the phone, all together being in motion…. Now for a very physically minded person this is a hard bone to chew, let alone it all happening in my early 20’s. It was a death for me. My birth was discovering, there’s only the death of the unit we call a body as who we really are is not this. We, and above all I put so much emphasis on it, thinking it was ‘me’. So when I had another rebirth I discovered me isn’t so small, limited and fragile. I’m so much bigger than my vehicle called a body. So I opened up my sensory system, accepting what is and the most beautiful miracles unfolded before me.

As this was all a journey and no one gave me a handbook on how to do my job as a Medium it’s humbling to say the least. Sometimes I say I really don’t like my job (guess it’s the ego that doesn’t like it) because my job is death of the ego. Here’s the thing, I get somewhat nervous each time I do a reading, as there’s no guarantee how it will turn out. Even mentally, as I don’t know ANYTHING going into a reading. It’s like showing up on a job interview in your underwear and having no idea what the job is even about. It’s scary  but for me I kind of like this type of fear because it’s threatening to my ego and that’s what I love. I’m a Fool, even my birthday tarot is The Fool; November 22nd (Sagittarius, and sometimes too much of it). The fool in the tarot blissfully steps over the edge and everyone feels like he’s the town idiot. Little do they know the truth, that he’s the courageous one who trusts in the process of life giving little energy to fear. So in that respect that’s why I enjoy having a job that constantly feeds my fool :).

So here I am, here for all of you. Offering love and communication via your loved ones who’ve passed over, and also our spirit guides/angels whom I dearly love and trust. As you will read throughout the website how I got here and how it’s evolving. It’s a wild ride, when we let go and start accepting ourselves right where we’re at. There’s nothing like the present, as it’s the most joy I’ve ever experienced. So if you feel comfortable, join me on the ride to evolve your mind and open your heart. I promise not to flip your stomach, yet I will offer you my deepest connection so you can experience for yourself who you really are.

So let’s begin by tuning into our magnificence. Remember you don’t need me to communicate with your loved ones and guides, as I have no super power (or a cape, as of yet). We are all built in communicators, all you have to do is trust yourself and the information you receive.

What I specialize in:
*Transitioned Loved Ones: Connecting people with their loved ones who’ve crossed over.
*Medical Intuitiveness: Health, Dis-ease, Natural Remedies, Body Scanning.
*Relationships: Love, Friendship, Soul mates, Family relations.
*Past Life: Parallel life, as I see it.
*Business: Attracting more of it, What’s in store for You, Connecting with certain people or companies, Is it the Right fit for you, Where your focus should be for better outcome…
*Future: Where you’re heading in life, How can you be more in alignment with what’s in store for you, Compassionate Understanding of Life’s challenges, Focusing on where you can really shine…

Prior to a reading with Vanessa Wishstar:
Script for Readings~ Please read this script so you’re aware of how I work and can gently prepare yourself for this transition.

Here’s the video on, How Online Psychic Readings work with Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium
PDF written version of a Sample Reading: SAMPLE-reading_2013.pdf

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