No.45 Cancer

Got Trump Administration Cancer? Do you hold your breath, waiting till the news stops? Is it back? Did it spread? Can we go on living our lives again? The problem with this type of cancer is that it’s a daily drama, kicking yer ass. It shakes your world and when we’ve had enough, trying to […]

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Energy of Anger

My kid got pushed while in a musical parade by an older boy. Then him being tired and exhausted from the activities, MY kid threw a rock at a younger boy an hour later. This is energy in motion. It’s not personal, it’s just raw without consciousness. Energy doesn’t stop, instead we handle it with […]

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I am a living experiment

We all are a living experiment in fact! It dawned on me that where we’re currently struggling is where we’re researching – within. Our library is the center of our experience. Let me back up. I was thinking about the huge financial debt that I’m currently experiencing, yet universally not allowed to fix. Trust me, […]

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The Birth of Raven

As I lay on the couch feeling like my big sea lion self, I start to feel something shift. My mother who’s been here for a few weeks now says, “maybe she’s coming today” (just like yesterday and a few days prior) and at that moment in sheer frustration of over prediction, I knew she […]

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