My Journey

My journey into what I ‘do’, goes like this, “I do not ‘do’ mediumship, it does me”. That would sum it up perfectly, but since you’re here I’ll elaborate.

I deeply feel that Intuitive Psychic Mediumship chose me because all I really wanted was not to be so weird, but the universe does have a sense of humor. Throughout my life I was always the unconventional one as there’s many names for it like sensitive, emotional, learns differently, strange… basically I couldn’t ever conform to the norm, as I’ve tried and failed miserably. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a complete weirdo, as I had to balance my talents (I used to see them as curses) with charm and exuberance. Since my life was interestingly dramatic from day one, I realized I need to embrace me, as I didn’t have any other ways of acceptance but my own. Throughout my many life experiences I was always conscious of me and what do I want from this life. Early on I was aware of the power of our being. I realized that the human race could adjust their experience through thought. At the time I had no idea what I was doing, as that was the best part. I just followed my heart, not mind. I just allowed it all to be how it was.

When I was a kid one of my experiences was that I had high cholesterol, severely high. From screaming fits at the doctor taking blood, then having to eat a “Pritican” diet while my friends are going to McDonald’s, I’m forced to eat salads with Fat-Free Dressing hidden in my mother’s big 80’s purse. Long story short, it made it a moment marker in my life. I remember hearing my grandmother telling my mother that I was going to die because the doctor called and my cholesterol was off the charts, high. *Note: I was a super healthy kid as no diet could/would change the ‘number’. So overhearing this at age 10 or so, I decided to ask for help. Not help from those in fear, but through the power of what created me. So as a weird kid would do, I looked into the oven door reflection (I was standing in the kitchen at this moment), and I saw myself. I said to myself, “I’m tired of not being able to eat what I want, and I hate Molly McButter (powdered butter). I choose not to have high cholesterol anymore.” I continued the conversation with my reflection, “that anything I eat will slide through my system and not get stuck. I’m wonderful and I basically approve of this message”.  Soon we went back to the doctor, like every month or so and I got my cholesterol checked. Except prior, when I was doing this non fat diet, it did NOT change considerably. Then after I did my little visualization/change of feeling, I got it rechecked. “Hmmmmm”, said the cynical doctor as he looked at my mom, “what did you do differently with her, as her numbers dropped considerably!” I piped up exclaiming, “I just *thought differently and told myself how wonderful I am, and I also thought how all the food slides through easily.” Well, let’s just say I proved my weirdness even more in that clinical setting. But in this moment I knew, the power of our beingness. It’s not to rid yourself of dis-ease, it’s to rid yourself of the thoughts of being unacceptable and opening your heart to this allowance. That’s how miracles happen. Just as a kid who thought once about how I have the power to heal, and then forgot about it (meaning you don’t have to do affirmations again and again), it shifted my entire life. It was just a choice I made and to support it, I allowed everything to be exactly how it was. I gave myself LOVE through acceptance.

So, what does this have to do with Mediumship, well this is one of the places from where it started. I started to listen to myself, not the outside world who was feeding me nothing useful. There have been so many opportunities of growth and to see the truth, which resides in love, that I just chose to keep my eyes open even through fear. I didn’t have your ideal family life, or any other fairy tale story, but in that I was gifted a BEAUTIFUL gift because everything else would of been taken for granted and never really understood. Through hardship, anger, and above all suffering, lies the greatest present; the discovery of YOU. I thank every challenge, every fear, as it brings me back home. It welcomes me inside, with open arms and a love that encompasses my entirety. So in these life experiences I evolved into what I ‘do’ today: Intuitive Mediumship.

From having near death experiences to having a head injury that crumbled up my physical life as I used to know it, I re-birthed again and again. I found that there were other gifts needing to be blossomed and in order for that to happen a part of me had to die. Sometimes outwardly/physically, sometimes emotionally, sometimes mentally. There has to be a death to be a birth. I finally discovered that, it could happen many times here on earth and it doesn’t have to be dramatic. It’s dramatic when we hold on to what is trying to let go. That’s suffering.

So, for me, my journey has been ever evolving, there’s no end point as there was no beginning. It just seems to flow, just like me doing Mediumship. I don’t know when it started as all I know is that what I’m receiving rings true for the ones I’m reading for. And for me it’s a great honor that my clients would open their hearts and family to me, so I can play Instant Messenger for those here on earth with those on the other side. For me, that’s the gift.

Many Blessings,
Vanessa Wishstar ∞ Intuitive Medium
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