In one spring weekend we celebrated our 15th year engagement anniversary, we found a house that we might purchase, my husband got an amazing new job, and we found out we’re pregnant! This all converged on Easter weekend symbolically in relation to pagan roots – celebrating the fertility goddess. For most, finding out you’re pregnant is a joyous occasion but more of a surprise than acknowledged premonition. I’m psychic, so in my world nothing is expected, but rather opened before my mind. Everything comes through like a treasure hunt not adhering to the literal meanings, instead using it metaphorically. That’s why my upcoming book is called, “The psychic who didn’t know she was psychic”, not only an epiphany but a truth in how it all works.

I know/knew my children decades before they got here. It wasn’t driven out of desire, but rather awareness. I wasn’t someone who needed children, but that pesky biological clock sure winded itself tightly. My husband and I met each other in this space where we were content either way a few decades back. Gratefully, we also grew together in likeness where that desire changed into asking for children to come into the physical if they desired to. We were ready. But somethings in the Universe weren’t ready. That’s reality.

Instead of fighting with reality, like I did with my first born, as it took about 10 years to conceive him, I really trusted in what I got this time. Backing up… a year prior to getting married is when we first met our children (Boy and Girl so they appeared). I wasn’t fully out of the closet as a psychic yet and was embarrassed as I didn’t want people to think I was, 1) crazy and 2) needy. I did not have this obsession with having kids, though the more I talked about our un-conceived ones, the more crazy and needy I seemed. Sure, to you, today, it doesn’t seem odd, but picture a person you barely know and see them talking about their unborn & PREpregnancy children. Yeah, you’d think…many things. But here’s the thing, I couldn’t hide it. I couldn’t stop communicating with them. I KNOW them, they KNOW us. There’s no separation there, love can’t stop because we’re embarrassed of how we appear to others.

So, a very long story short, we met both of them. They showed me what they’d like to be called as in their full names, they showed me what they look like down to their eyes and appearance at several different ages. They showed me their personalities and basic demeanor. They also play with me (prior to showing up in the physical), like turning on lights when I’m talking with them and people saying their name when I’m thinking of them, they don’t have common names. They come through much like most of my client’s family members who are beyond the body. I do have to mention that they do feel a little like they come from a different place though. Not location wise but energetically, for the most part, yet it’s so interchangeable. If you’re interested in the details of how my son got here and how I met him previously read my blog post on it. READ: Bonding with your Baby before conception!

So, here’s the map to my treasure hunt, so one can better understand the clues in how it works.

2nd baby called, Raven’s treasure map:
1. March 4th. I repeatedly got this date for YEARS! I didn’t know if it was conception date or a birthdate or had some other significance. I awoke on March 4th 2018, to a raven outside my window and I couldn’t stop smiling, understanding the message within the heart. (In the picture, Raven is on the tree to the very left, on top cawing away) There’s great significance for me personally as to the actual tree she landed on, along with the date. We don’t have tons of ravens in Colorado landing every minute like we do in Alaska. We ended up conceiving a few days after this. ūüôā¬†March 4th 2018 Raven on tree

2. I practice what I preach. I can’t ask another to trust the process if I don’t, so I use myself as the best practice there is. Everyone is my teacher, including those that I disagree with. A teacher to me isn’t one who knows more, instead a teacher is giving you the tools to make your own path. This is what I do. So, intuitively I kept getting feelies that Raven was coming, so prepare for her. For example I moved my husband’s office to another area in the house and set up a room to become a nursery, instinctively knowing she’s coming without facts to back that up, at all. I could of felt stupid doing this or in the flow. I chose the latter.

3. I just almost got a new dog. My late dogs, I believe, have a direct connection and recarnate energy connected to our un-furry children. This isn’t being hopeful, it’s being truthful. I’m tired of sounding crazy, so hopefully your ears are open. My latest dog, Luna left her body in March 2014 and 3 weeks after her departure we got pregnant with my son after trying for a decade. My son doesn’t talk much about Luna, given I think he might not of known her for that long (since it was only 3 weeks beyond body). But he does talk about our oldest male dog; Zebu as if he knows him. Our very first fur child was Zebu, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who could be grumpy if he didn’t eat enough and loved to jump boulders and play with cows. My son and Zebu, have so many similarities it’s spooky, even for me. Now, recently we almost got a dog named, Happy. Very similar to my second oldest fur child, Luna, who was also an Anatolian Shepard. Happy is an amazing dog, he even showed up in a reading I was doing for a client prior to meeting him in person, it was profound. I’ve been in such deep yearning for Luna, for some reason that I couldn’t stop crying, I kept on talking to her this past month but it’s been YEARS since her departure from body. So why is this happening, now? Because, in my world, I don’t believe anything ‘just happens’, it’s all leading us, if we pay attention and acknowledge its existence instead of writing it off as crazy. Luna’s energetic presence showed me how to connect with her through another dog temporarily, but also showing up to give understanding for why the sudden yearning. A few weeks later, I found out I’m pregnant with my second child who I feel is in direct alignment with Luna, in so many ways. The yearning has now finally seised since I conceived Raven, even when I was unaware of it.

4) I ask my guides for help.¬† So many people forget to actually ASK their guides/God/departed loved ones for help. You have to ask because your guides/God/Source etc., won’t interrupt your free will. This is what makes you human, so when you ask, ask not for an answer but for a way that they can guide you to your truth/answer. Ask how you can best align with your desires. Don’t ask that they provide you with so and so, instead ask that you can be open enough to accept what’s divinely yours! Don’t limit yourself because fact is, when we’re willful…we’re limited. We can’t see beyond our own dreams, not understanding that our dreams are dreaming us up too. I always ask my guides for help, on EVERYTHING, walking down an icy path, driving, swallowing my horse supplements, or thinking about something in a new way. I ask because I know, that I don’t know anything and I’m a constant student. In this way of being, everything just shows up! Sure, not on my time preference, but it always surpasses my dreams. Always. So, I let it happen regardless. With every opportunity I ask my guides to help me. I don’t ask per say for a ‘sign’ because being human we tend to then search for it, too busy in the mind to actually see it. So, I ask my guides to help me with… For instance, I constantly talk to my unborn daughter/son and tell her how excited I am when she shows up in my life. By doing this, I’m embracing her free will and not putting expectation on her/him but ALLOWING the energy to manifest by creating space for its existence.¬†My mother recently got gifted via a podcast, a free quick astrology reading and psychic reading by¬†friends of mine. In it Joe Perreta quickly started off by sharing with my mother how there’s a baby coming through. He didn’t know her age, as to not know if this information is for her or someone close to her, but the message needed to come through. *This happened about a month prior to our conception. So, ask your guides, talk to them, ask them to help you *see clearer.

5) 1st words from my son. Besides “Mama” and “Papa”, the next new word my son,young_raven_5_by_digimaree-d4eerjdHunter said was, “Raven”. My son was an early talker and at that time, I haven’t talked to him about his sister/brother (Raven) as Hunter was so new and young, I didn’t see a reason to. But there he said it, as clear as day. It was also the first animal/bird he understood and connected with. By the way, his sibling, Raven, and my son Hunter are DEEPLY connected in so many ways, I don’t even have time to write them all down. Not to mention, their names are always symbolically tied to each other even through others, who share the same names in their family.

6) Time is illusionary. I talk so much about this, yet being in body it seems that my mind still has a hard time grasping it all. It’s like I yearn for time to make sense of where I am. But if I want to be bigger than I am and my problems, I have to be willing to expand beyond time. Here’s the thing, I know my children. I knew when my son was going to arrive here physically, even though I fought it tooth and nail since it seemed forever from then. I pay attention to ALL information coming my way. For instance my sister told me a long time ago that she always thought I was going to be 42 by the time I had kids. Well, for this second one, I will be 42 years old when birthing her/him. I’ve come to witness that no matter how hard I try to manage time, it will always change the clock. I even have been in situations where I gained an hour, and then another hour! And I needed it, we needed it. It was surreal. So, prior to this pregnancy with my second child, I KNEW she/he was coming very soon, like actual dates I had received. Every other confirmation was icing on the cake.

7) I talked as if it were real. Basically I learned years back to stop hiding. I rarely was a person to second guess things, or think I’m making it up in my head, or wanting it to be, but I was someone who was embarrassed that I felt different than what was reality, meaning I felt the sky was grey but everyone (including my own eyes) said it was blue. That. That was hard to embrace about myself. So, I have to continuously get over that and continuously speak my truth. What that looks like is to say, how I feel and talk about MY REALITY, not in comparison to another’s just to make them feel comfortable. The more I do this, the more it happens right before me…with everything. Again, not much surprises me, yet everything does! More like delights me! Recently I quit being a part of an organization, who I really loved, but I knew that my life needed space for my other dreams. And just like that, it happened. My husband got a new exciting job, that I take full credit for finding and delivering him to, given my psychic input. I got real with myself in what I needed and then found a house in Alaska (we live there part time) that was PERFECT in which we might purchase. Again, we have no way of figuring out how to financially do this, but I have so much trust that it will happen how it needs to happen, regardless if this is it¬†or not. I started talking about Raven a lot, as if she/he were on their way and then it just happened and I struggle with unexplained infertility. So, in summary, I talked as if it were already happening. Not in a hopeful way, more like abstract as to let the Universe do the details. I continue to speak my truth and the only way I can do that is to FEEL the REALness through appreciation.

8) Premonitions beyond me. I’ve had a lot of folks, some psychic, some not, tell me about my children, even though I haven’t shared what I knew about them. My sister recently dreamed that I was pregnant prior to being so or maybe day of conception. Laughing at me as I was barfing when carrying me in a wagon down a childhood road. I then told her in her dream that I was pregnant and she was horrified by her mannerisms. Ha! That’s sister love. When I told my mother that I was pregnant with Raven, she was parked outside a store in her vehicle and a little blackbird jumped onto the hood of her truck as to say hello. I’ve had people do tarot card readings and share with me what I too got as in timing and so many other’s saying, “I knew it”! I love this, as most fear others saying that because they feel it discounts what they intuitively originally¬†get but rather it validates it! I believe everyone is intuitive, it’s your birthright, but it’s up to you if you use it or not.

9) Peaceful through Challenges. I don’t have an easy life, when most find out the details of my struggles I face on a daily basis they run for the hills as it’s too much for the ears to bare. My job isn’t to fix me, nor is it anyone else’s, my job is to en-joy. After decades of healing from a head injury and never being fully healed in the physical yet completely altered I’ve found that the more peaceful we can become with ‘what is’ and understanding that what is happening is supposed to be happening, even the hell, as it grows us in our experience of being here, we lighten the load. I found ways to not *know my future but instead live my future in the present regardless of what I feel is holding me back. Like bathing suit shopping. You don’t go in there and try to get into a bikini and beat yourself up under those iridescent lights, that would be cruel. Instead try on the correct size bathing suit, enjoy those furry legs and crotch hair that you could braid and giggle and shake what you got! Make it work without humilation. You might be like me and not even be able to go to a warm beach (2017 – was the first time I’ve been back at the beach since 1999 due to head injury issues). So, you work with what you got, YOU DON’T STOP DREAMING, instead you dream more, expand beyond those limitations, get real with what you need vs what you want. Be peaceful in it all and then I’ve found, it just happens without our permission.

I feel there’s going to be so many addendums¬†because I keep on remembering the years worth of connections, but seldom find the time to jot them down. Here’s some sporadic connections…
10) I went to a psychic (when I was just starting my business professionally) and she was amazing, someone I’ve never seen before given I was all the way in Massachusetts. When we sat down with her, I told her about my vivid dream I just had, where Hunter and Raven (2008 – prior to me even knowing them in the physical) gave me two dates. One was in January and the other they showed was my birthday (11.22). I was discussing this with the psychic because we couldn’t understand if that was a conception date and then the other a birthdate, as they always came through as twin energy. If so, the calculations didn’t work out exactly, unless I was going to be pregnant for 10 months! Ouch. All of a sudden the other day it dawned on me that our little Raven could very well be born on *our birthday! And my son was already born on the January date! Whoa…with a little bit of ‘duhhhh’.

So, this personal sharing with you all is to show you how it works. It’s universal, it’s not a belief but a way of being. So, next time someone says, “let it go”, try it. Don’t do it from their insensitive comment, but deconstruct their comment to find the truth, removing *them from it. So find ways in how to ‘let go’. Take everything and remove the snarky personality (woundedness) of the person and discover the truth that’s arriving before you. This is your dreams finding you so make the path easy leading to you.


Acknowledge what you receive as truth.

Speak it as if ‘it’ were now.
Because everything is happening in the now, including you.

All my love,
Vanessa Wishstar, IM

Many Blessings,
Vanessa Wishstar ‚ąě Intuitive Medium
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Bio: I am a seafull of mountains always seeking the truth, a mystic-called dragon, a psychic phenomena(l) goddess who births stars and makes wishes on their dust. I just love being me. And you being you.

I live in remote, pristine, Alaska and also the regenerative healing waters of Florida, discovering how life is meant to be loved. My husband and two children are my entire universe in which we frolic about, living out this dream. ‚ÄúLive on purpose‚ÄĚ, I say!

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