How to Live Life

What a concept, eh? I don’t believe I have the answer, so if you’re looking for answers you can stop reading. I know I’m taking on a loaded topic, one of which no one should or could give an answer to because it’s personal, but I can share the secrets to what works, given I’ve become a researcher in my personal¬†experiences. I call it trauma drama. In a nutshell, happiness is overrated. And choice is underrated. What I’ve learned through…

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Addicted to Love

“You can’t be saved Oblivion is all you crave If there’s some left for you You don’t mind if you do” ~lyrics from Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. How many times have you searched to FEEL good? Instead of, learning how to get good at feeling? (You can thank Michael Brown of the Presence Process for that wording.) But have you answered the question? Hi, my name is _________, and I’m addicted to love or what I superimpose love…

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I Saw That.

I almost did this as my license plate, though only I would get the full meaning. “ISAWDAT” Laughing to myself every time, it’s the authentic inside joke. One day, after coming out of the closet announcing my psychicness, I was watching vhs home movies, some were even 8mm but I noticed how many times I said, “I think I’m psychic”! Then I’d follow up with why I thought that. I was shocked that I was even aware of it, sure…

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