I almost did this as my license plate, though only I would get the full meaning. “ISAWDAT” Laughing to myself every time, it’s the authentic inside joke.

One day, after coming out of the closet announcing my psychicness, I was watching vhs home movies, some were even 8mm but I noticed how many times I said, “I think I’m psychic”! Then I’d follow up with why I thought that. I was shocked that I was even aware of it, sure I watched Poltergeist way too young but did I even know what I was talking about? Probably not, which is a good thing, because if I did it would of been from the ego, thinking I ‘knew’ something. Given I’m a straight up Sagittarius, this could easily go to my head. In fact, that’s why I think I denied being psychic for a long time. I just thought I had a really good memory. I do have that…too.

I suppose we as a society ask another for permission to be someone. We go to school, beefing up our education validating our identity for a new job title. We get abbreviations after our name, we have business cards, phone lines, offices, door titles, etc., in proving we do something. Something valid. And if we don’t know what we do, we hide. Where this really seems to be spotlighted is in the validation (or not) of if you’re an Intuitive. Pleading with psychics, begging for their insight to validate you.

I found out that many want to be psychic, which I was so puzzled by, but can understand due to the yearning of wanting to know something. Something more. Ironic part is, that’s not how it works…well at least not in the beginning. The lucky part is being intuitive isn’t something you seek out, but rather tune into. It’s already built in, it’s a matter of accessing and then exercising it. You can’t get a job title by just going to school, rather you have to do the work to earn it. Same goes with tuning into your intuitiveness.

This isn’t a special gift, given to a select few. Nope. It’s as common as breathing. Everyone has this job title, the question is do they school themselves to use their innate skill? Some do, some don’t. Either is fine, there’s no hierarchy. And you’ll find that when you decide to invest in your skill the knowledge you gain, isn’t for another, but for your own freedom. Sure, you can share your experience ‘teaching’ your insights but it will always be for you. So many empaths, healers, psychics, spiritualist go into this new age business wanting to help people, which is noble in heart. But if you really want to help another, you will do the work it takes to help yourself. Because you are them.

P.S. If you want a teacher, I’ll be posting soon online Intuitive Classes  in how to get in the driver’s seat of your body vehicle. (Coming soon.)

Game on!
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium

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