Where do we go? Are my loved ones near? How do I connect with them? Is anyone going to show up when I get there? And other updated Q & A’s. 


Where do we go?
We don’t ‘go’ anywhere essentially if you understand that everywhere is here. We live in time and space on earth, so of course we assume we go somewhere and we do, but we don’t.

I view it like this…

There’s all these planes of existence, even time – as long as you understand everything is happening in one moment. Anyway back to reality I can grasp, we have these planes, like mathematical energy planes (aka: sacred geometry). This is what I saw in my NDE (Near Death Experience) and life just happens. This is also why I feel I can see people, pets etc., after they passed. It’s like they jump into the energy line and can manifest, much like how the internet works – wirelessly. You can’t see it, the energy but somehow you’re connected. That’s some serious real magic in my book. It fascinates me.

What I’ve found though, is where we go is different for different people it’s not a concrete place or an image. When I personally went ‘off grid’ I didn’t go to heaven per say, in fact I was somewhere else which I’ll talk about in the NDE blog. But what I can say, is that where we go is filled with so much love it’s beyond measure. You literally can’t grasp it through the mind.

Imagine all your very favorite memories. Just moment memories, now tie them all up into one and imagine that’s all you feel. You don’t think of anything else, but feel that joy. That’s just one millionth of a degree of the love that you will understand to be truth.

So, where do we go? Everywhere.

Are my loved ones near and how do I connect with them?
If you want them to be with you, you have to ask. You have free will, and no one can take that from you, not even your spirit guides or Source/God/Universe, no one. So you have to ask them for help, or ask them to be around, or ask for comfort. Asking is surrendering your will. It’s an important practice to do because you don’t know everything, nor would you want to.

When you want to connect with a loved one, ask them to show up and then go and do something that is a slight distraction like reading or going on a walk, something quiet. What happens is your emotional output isn’t pressurized and your intention is already set, but with openness, not expectation.

Same reason goes for why you usually see flashes of light in your peripheral vision. You have less judgement in your peripheral than head on. Meaning if you see a coffee table in front of you, your brain says, “oh look a coffee table”. Fact is that coffee table is a figment of the collective consciousness, everyone agreeing that it’s a coffee table, so it is. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Reeling it in, till you get comfortable with being an energetic being and how we don’t ever die, we just leave the body you’ll see your loved one more through symbols, that’s them communicating! They are near you but just as it’s hard for you to actually see them, it’s hard for them to be seen.

We’re dense when in body, for good reason. And when we leave our body we vibrate at a very high frequency, a love frequency kind of like the vibration of sweet flowers. So, when you go through a psychic like me, what we’re doing is matching our vibration to that intensity hence why we get exhausted easily. And then those who’ve crossed over have to lower their vibration so we can be messengers.

If you want to know if your loved one is around, trust that they already are. Don’t question it, instead seek out all the symbols in how they’re showing up. Because doubt is a very very dense vibration and your job is to raise up your awareness.

Is anyone going to show up when I get there?
Yes, this isn’t like an airport pick up where your shotty friend forgets to call you because they’re maxed out on potato chips and t.v. while their car has no gas. Oh and that cell phone, they dropped it in the toilet, so it’s sitting in rice drying out as we speak.

No it’s nothing like that.

Even if you’re estranged from your whole family and you don’t even know your birthday, you still will be greeted by so many you won’t even be able to see through the bright light of smiles. The problem with this thinking is that it’s limited. It’s thinking in a very earthly limited mindset. That’s ok, that’s normal. But what we don’t realize is that who greets you are not necessarily who you knew this go around. It’s beyond that. There will be faces of people you knew, prior to you knowing who you are this time and future ones. There will be animals (they usually are the first ones many times to show up when I do readings) so if you’re an animal lover you can bet, there will be tails and feathers flapping. I can’t tell you how many people weren’t animal lovers, yet they come through (once crossed over) in a reading with animals at their feet. Almost sarcastically having the last laugh.

Here’s the thing, we identify with our personalities here on Earth. When we cross over, that fades away; the ego. That’s why people who show up in readings, who you don’t really get along with or have caused you harm, are showing up for YOUR healing, not to pester you.

So many people have residual pain from family who’ve crossed over, decades ago and still they carry the suffering. The issue is the suffering is yours, so is the forgiveness. You don’t have to forgive their personality or the pain they seemingly caused, but you set yourself free when you understand that everything has an offering  of healing and spiritual development in it. Everything.

I’ve seen it all. Well, a lot at least. I’ve had folks come through that still carry the pain they caused and they work with people (in body) to help heal their prior actions on earth.  I’ve seen folks come through who are still being dragged around by their wives (who also passed over) to show up at a reading, something they’d NEVER do when in body. I even had a few folks who’ve crossed over, question me, as if they didn’t believe in psychics. That had me rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically. I have parents who come through, knowing that the relationship they left with their kids, wasn’t an easy one, so they’re hesitant and extremely respectful by being in the background as to not speak up till the client is ready to hear from them, if at all.

So what I’m trying to say, is that it does feel scary when you question whose going to show up, if anyone and how about those I don’t want to talk to. But what you have to remember is once you leave the personality/ego body, your opinions change. There is such an immense love, your mind can’t even conceive what I’m talking about. I tell you this because my mind barely couldn’t contain it, as now it’s just a memory I promised to hold onto after one of my NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). This love, is everything and in that you’ll understand how everyone else fits within it.

Here’s a video on one of my NDE’s: Near Death Experience

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