What a concept, eh? I don’t believe I have the answer, so if you’re looking for answers you can stop reading.

I know I’m taking on a loaded topic, one of which no one should or could give an answer to because it’s personal, but I can share the secrets to what works, given I’ve become a researcher in my personal experiences. I call it trauma drama.

In a nutshell, happiness is overrated. And choice is underrated. What I’ve learned through my roller coaster of experiences is to take it all with a grain of salt. The good, bad and hysterical. When we do this, it’s space making at its finest. Rarely are we taught about space. Sure outer space, but not inner space.

Space between moments of engagement. Space in the thoughts that consume our thinking. Space. Like the place between breaths, between thoughts. That place. That’s the space in which you want to hone in on and you won’t be able to get there by way of thinking.

Why start hoarding space? Because that’s where we actually LIVE. It’s story-less. It’s heaven. As an Intuitive Medium my job, all day long, especially when reading for another is to be in that space. That’s where the information is – loud and semi clear. But for most of us (me included) do we really visit that space often enough? The space is where people try to get to by doing meditation, yoga, breathing, ommmmmming. Many spiritual practices do get you there, but it’s a lot of work. And for me, I don’t like work, I like things that are fun and alive not drudgery in attainment. It’s why I don’t set goals, yet I dream so big that I can’t help but share my enthusiasm because I know it will come to me, if it needs to. That big. Without boundaries, without goals of getting. It would be impossible to get everything I want, nor would I want that. Are you following? It’s OK if not. I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t try to acquire space. It’s already happening. Instead see where you’re missing it. Be inquisitive, by witnessing yourself, your habits, your willful way. And appreciate this, as it’s served you in one way or another.

That brings me to something else. Self appreciation. I don’t think I’ve met more than a handful of people (if that) who were on a spiritual path and didn’t have self justification. Meaning this new age we’re in, sometimes goes to the dark ages of thinking we need to be more, have more, feel more. My goodness, the amount of baggage we bring into beliefs of trying to understand ourselves but not appreciating WHERE WE ARE AT right now, is humorous. One of my favorite quotes that helped me was by Asha Tyson, “Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.”

So to sum it up, living life isn’t hard. It’s our story attached to it that makes it hard. If we really want to live life; make space for it by showing up there.

And so it is!
Vanessa Wishstar, IM

Many Blessings,
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