Most often folks talk about the bond before birth, but I’m here to share with you a deeper truth, one most overlooked thinking it’s just one’s biological clock ticking, yet what do you think makes that tick?

You guessed it! Just as much as you’re searching for them, they’re searching for you. Where we get caught up is that we think to birth them, it must be in the physical. I’m also here to tell you, it’s not.
It took us over 10 + years of *trying to conceive, it was grueling and heart wrenching, though what sustained me for most of it, was my communication with them both. I have to note that 7 yrs in, I told my spirit children, I needed a break. I couldn’t communicate with them any longer, I needed time to adjust to the possibility they might not ever be ‘in body’. And they gave it to me, as unconditional love. They stopped showing up constantly, and gave me space to heal my expectations and yearning. I was grateful, even though it felt scary to ask that of them, as if I could scare them away.

I remember the day, I ‘birthed’ them, 10 yrs before ‘in body’ conception. It was June and rainy out, I was on my harmonic chair (sound wave chair) and just completed a meditation of sorts. My husband walked into the tipi (yes I made one in our loft, inside) and sat with me as I sat within myself. Oddly enough, I was nervous to say what I was about to say, even though I had no clue what was going to come out of my mouth. I say this was ‘odd’ because even back then in 2003, just a newbie to intuitiveness and using it, my husband had full faith in me, maybe more than I did. As, I utter words that fall off my tongue, covered in “this might sound weird”, I preceded to share the message I got’.  It didn’t come like a voice or a sentence, but a feeling driving me to listen even closer. I just flowed with it, hoping he’s taking notes.

Right off the bat, I got my son’s name. I always liked the name Hunter, so it was easy, but then I listened for his middle name and there it was, sitting on a wet rock in the Colorado mountains, Lichen. It was just effortless. I proceeded further in asking what was he like, and he showed me himself. The best part was the validation that I received when he was born to this day, he’s EXACTLY like what he showed me, even his personality. I was in such delight, I was swimming in joy. Then I felt another being; his sister. I asked for her name, and felt Raven (another name I liked – “tuning in coincidence”). I asked for her middle name and couldn’t understand it. I will say her middle name took about a week to come to me. I asked again and opened to a book and it said, “wolf”. Then I picked a tarot of ‘The Star’, which lead me to Sirius (dog star). It was so magical, I jumped up and down in delight. She too, showed herself to me, yet she’s not conceived yet, so I will put an addendum to this article, if she choses to come into body. I will say they always came through as twins, always, but like the moon and sun, so different, even physically. I then did numerology, adding up their names and of course they add up to be the exact number, which also was my husband’s number. Go figure!

There are so many stories of how they showed themselves, at all ages prior to conception, but I’ve found I can’t put kids on a time schedule or ask them adult logical questions like, “when are you getting here”? They just don’t abide by those rules. I asked a lot and all I got were giggles. One of the best confirmations is when psychics would confirm my intuitive findings without me saying anything. Yes, even though I’m a psychic, I go to a psychics – it’s great validation! 😉 Where I struggled was telling other’s about this, always correcting myself publicly saying, “well, if I have children…”

The importance in learning about your spirit children, wether or not they come into body, or don’t go through the full gestation, or are aborted, is that THEY STILL ARE YOUR CHILDREN. This also applies to adoption, even before they are conceived through another, so be aware of that. There are many reasons of why they can’t be in body during this time with you, and although it can feel so painful, be rest assured it’s not everything, as they’re still your children. Please know that, like deep down inside and it’s NEVER your fault, no matter what you think you did. Most of the times when I ‘read’ people, I feel they have more children than they say, only to find out they miscarried or aborted, etc. It’s not dependent on the physical body arriving on earth.

Speaking of miscarriages, please don’t EVER think that you mis – carried. I wish someone (female preferably) would change that word, as it’s incorrect. Fact is, children come into our lives for numerous reasons and being in body doesn’t mean much, in fact the more you can connect with them prior to conception, the greater your chances for peace will be regardless of their landing. It’s like you get a head’s up, on the mountain you’re about to climb. So, trust a little more that they do have your best interest at heart, and if they don’t show up in the flesh it just might be for your healing. I know it was for mine, even if I still had temper tantrums about it.

You can take one of my classes that I will be teaching (hopefully soon) that can show you how to connect with you littles, or just try it out on your own and see what you get. You know the way, trust yourself by ‘listening’…within.

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