Addressing your needs and forgoing your wants seems to be valuable the older you are, in time and space. And that’s because we’re brought up on Santa lists of wants, soon maturing that we no longer need what we want, mainly because we’ll end up having to supply it. Damn Santa.

As we evolve, we tend to go back to the beginning, but with a twist, much like the infinity sign. The twist is, we have to ADDRESS our needs without wanting them a certain way. Wants are nouns (person, place, or thing). Needs are a concept of possibilities. If we keep that in mind, we get our desires met – meeting our needs.


So, instead of “I want a pony”, it turns into “I need to ride”. That might be more symbolic than actually getting a pony. See the difference? You allow the universe to do its job – the doing/undoing. All you do is address what you need. Again keep it away from being a noun, instead address the need as a concept. Again, “I want a better paying job”, turns into “I need financial security”. What happens when you do this, is you allow the Universe to meet your needs without your attachment to the story of how that looks. So, “I want a better paying job” means you’re asking for something that might not be for your highest good. Needing financial security, gets you real with how you feel, keeps it out of fear, and it’s in the present – or getting there. Wanting is believing you’re not having it. Addressing your needs is being compassionate with thyself, IN THIS MOMENT of reality and then surrendering it. You no longer are under the influence of constant wanting. You stated what you need. Done. You’re job is basically over. Now all you have to do is get happy.

That’s our ‘trip up’ – we keep it in the wanting realm. Trust me, I’ve been wearing clown shoes till this point. So, it’s not like you’re going to be sitting on the couch stuffing your face with potato chips because you stated your needs and the Universe is your bitch. No. Your follow up is to take the steps that are required. Follow suit. Be awake. But don’t continue the cycle of whining in your own head, repeating what you want. Be alert to what steps the Universe is asking you to take. It’s like doing a job, that you have NO IDEA what to do next. It’s humbling, but it’s also very revealing in how to do life.

Fight it or flow with it, your choice.

Your work:
List 5 NEEDS. Write them down. You’ll probably have to rewrite them to reword them in getting to the heart of what you NEED vs what you want. Remember meeting your needs is a concept, not a destination of what that desire looks like. Be ready to be surprised because what you desire has been desiring you, but it can’t form into the physical without space to do so. And when we’re in the wanting zone, we’re of the belief = space that it’s not here yet. And then it will forever be wanting you too. 😉 Meet your needs by addressing them.

“All you want is right here in this room
All you want
And all you need is sitting here with you
All you want”
-Dido, All You Want.

I believe you’re ready,
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium

Many Blessings,
Vanessa Wishstar ∞ Intuitive Medium
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