We all are a living experiment in fact! It dawned on me that where we’re currently struggling is where we’re researching – within. Our library is the center of our experience. Let me back up.

I was thinking about the huge financial debt that I’m currently experiencing, yet universally not allowed to fix. Trust me, I’ve tried extensively. I used to be worried. It’s so big now, that I can’t contain that worry, so I let it go. I literally couldn’t hold onto it any longer. Than bam! I had an insight. How I work in life is that every challenge I go through I realized is like an experiment to see HOW it works. What if money is that same experiment? What if everything I do, feel, think is testing how it works? Money is energy, right? So, if that’s true, what I feel about energy-money will directly affect my environment. And currently I keep feeling like it’s on the precipice (physically about to show up) even though I know it’s already there. How for it to show up in my bank account, is another matter entirely. I’m not being coy here, I’m serious as it really is ANOTHER MATTER because it’s irrelevant. It showing up in the physical might just be an AFTER-effect. “Yeah but how do I pay my bills? Credit cards don’t accept ‘energy-money’!” Or do they?

I reluctantly share this with folks because not many can handle this type of experiment as it can be overshadowed in deep fears. I’m so freaking sunny (full on fiery Sagittarius in my natal chart), I don’t have time for shadows, light a fire and stare into it if you’re afraid of them. MME-Curie-Discoverer-of-Radium-and-Polonium

So, what I gathered is that, this along with many other challenges, might just be RESEARCH on your part. You might of brought this challenge into your space so you can UNDERSTAND how to affect change, instead of being plastered by it. Each of us are little researchers working on our own projects of self so we can better understand how to be here – fearlessly!

Your work:
So, find within yourself what you’re dealing with on a daily basis that’s really triggering you. Then be a scientist and delve into it with curiosity instead of repetitious storytelling of doom. Ask yourself how did you get here (without blame)? Get curious as if you’re writing a paper on how the universe works! Keep happy because you can’t wait to figure out the answer(s). And get excited because you know the results of your findings will release the weight you put on yourself and you’re so happy that it won’t matter if it shows up in the physical or not, it will be irrelevant because it already happened in your experience!!! That’s joy. That’s your life!

Go on…get it,
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium

Many Blessings,
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