We woke up at 3am to feed our 3 month old. I got a solid 3 hours in prior, which is a miracle in itself. My thoughts go to how much time can I get between the next feeding? I psychically tune into my daughter’s and I silent agreement within my mind each night, which my little one is a participant in. In this agreement I *hear the times that she will awake to feed and try to sway the results, but like clockwork, it’s always the exact time down to the minute. Then the question becomes who awoke first and are we the ones driving this thing called time?

As we awoke at 3am, my eyelids so heavy with sleepiness, feeding my little Raven my life-force, my husband and I decide to dream aloud. This is the only time we have to converse with each other as our awake life is swarmed by live wired energy, also known as a four year old. We end up spending 2 hours talking about where to build the new garage in Alaska and where to park our other hunks of tin. It’s now almost 5am, I curl up with my beloved demanding that we need to stop dreaming and get to sleep. After all, he usually gets up by 5am and goes to work (in home). Our daughter keeps us at a light sleep with her dog like yips, ear plugs and a pillow over my head help significantly. We sleep in late till 6:30am. As the sun rises, we all awake bright eyed and bushy tailed, some more than others and I relax in the fact that my husband slept in instead of trying to push his day into overdrive with only so many hours of sleep.

I finally jump in the shower, asking him if we should go get groceries later today, after work. We plan this out as it’s a trek to town and at this point it’s done as a duo given we have a whole circus to haul. As I shower, he rocks Raven, listening to me speak about time and efficiency regarding his request that we start doing a non religious ‘Jesus day – day of rest’, one day on weekends. I blabbered on about how he should incorporate his ‘day of rest’ into everyday….like me! “Organize your time, MAKE time so you can feel like you have many mini vacations, otherwise you’ll be scrambling and end up wasting energy in finding time to relax”, I boasted. As the hot water dwindled, forcing me to end my warm cocoon of know all, my husband acted perplexed on when we talked about what time to go out to get groceries. I sputtered, “well we can go at 1pm if you really want to cut work short today?” “But I don’t want to go on the weekend, as Saturday’s are crazy and everyone is out then doing the same thing. Remember last month, we made that mistake?” Then there was silence. “Ummmmm, Vanessa, today is Saturday.” I fling open the shower curtain, aghast and then in complete denial. “No it is not, stop joking!” I look at him and then I notice he’s in his Carharts and ripped work on the house shirt and my world just starts spinning. He then doubts his knowledge of time and space and runs to my computer to look it up to verify. I’m crazy steaming mad at this point and it’s not the hot shower as that ran out a while ago. I can’t fathom this reality. I thought it was Wed., possibly Thursday, but not Saturday.

Sure, this is common being new parents…again but it wasn’t even that, it wasn’t a fog about time at all, I was as awake as my children are who never sleep. I would of swore on my life that it was at least Thursday today. I laughed and almost cried when I came to, as I realized how much of my life is spent organizing time and here I am speaking on behalf of it. Nice one, Universe, except I’m not laughing. Steve was laughing though, uncontrollably.

I felt like I wasn’t even in this universe and Steve explained why that might be. He said, “maybe you went past the speed of light!” “I did”, I exclaimed, “and I went full circle – circling back behind it!” What I gathered from our spacey conversation is that when you go beyond the speed of light, it’s like a black hole. So when you do, you change the 3D reality of time and space and you go outside/beyond the Universe and it’s dimensions. No one has scientifically done this, until now (kidding). And that’s just what I felt I did. I went so far beyond the speed of light, that I went back in time or rather slowed time down because in my world we were on Wednesday,  possibly Thursday, but not anywhere near Saturday.speed of light

I do have to share one other intimate detail. This past week I literally have been seeing things move. My bed sheets have moved away from each other, I look outside the door and I see big masses of energy move as if someone was there but there wasn’t. I swear that all this movement happened and it feels other dimensional because my eyes do not get validated with what I’m seeing. So, this occurring in my awareness, might be more natural than not.

This is time travel. I believe we’ve been doing it all along, but like with most things we try to affect our physical reality, when in fact that reality is made within the mind. It’s all happening at once.

Have a great hump day weekend,
Vanessa Wishstar, IM

Many Blessings,
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