It makes me cringe writing about Doreen Virtue’s downfall, but much of it is about YOUR rising instead of the lower vibrations of speculation and judgement. Let’s not take her growth away from her, instead own our own and be better for it.

I took a course via Doreen Virtue on becoming a Fairyologist years ago. I know the title sounds airy but for the most part it was educational and informative, using the energy gained in my own personal life. There’s a group on Facebook in which all students joined Doreen and where we built a community of like mindedness, it’s truly delightful. Some folks there are new to understanding energy but can fly above the mundane, much like fairies. There’s a playful childlike energy in that space and these days that’s beyond refreshing.

Upon recent events, Doreen decided to radically uproot her entire life, denouncing everything she once believed and taught, with a side of ridicule unfolding upon her fellow followers/students. I’m not sure if we should be furious by her lack of awareness in how her behavior affects those so permeable or to chuckle at her lack of inquiry of her own self. Any extreme, when thinking another is sinful/wrong is destructive and dangerous.

My first awareness of this immature behavior, was during the fairyologist course (at the end) she really started harping on becoming vegan, saying the fairies appreciate it. Huge red flag. For me, that turned me off to the course’s entiriety, but I paid for it already, so I might as well get my certificate and still eat bison.

So, you can read all about her break down on the internet I assume, I didn’t. Why? Because it’s none of my business and it doesn’t matter, except for one thing, my fellow fairyologist colleagues feelings of despair. These are the people I want to offer a different, kind and loving perspective for. And I hope they offer their heart felt viewpoint too. fairy glen

When I tune in (I do Intuitive Mediumship if you don’t know) I get the following…
Doreen didn’t mean to hurt anyone. This actually has a lot to do with her mother. I feel like her attraction and energetic alignment with Source when connecting with fairy energy is pure, but through her path she picked up ‘sticky’ entity energy. It’s not about it being good or bad, it’s actually neutral, but it does tend to attract what’s no longer beneficial for us, hence the stickiness. She has to go through this transformation, much like a butterfly. I don’t know, meaning it’s not clear yet as to the finale, if she’s going to go all the way through. I get 60’s and age 71 of when things really shift. I don’t know her age currently. I feel like there’s been abuse in her past, father(?), and this is all happening for her healing even though it’s ugly. “Don’t judge her.” “She’s too big for her own house.” House meaning body. In fact, I get that praying for her might be the kindest thing one can offer. See her coming back to herself instead of shunning it. See her enveloped in love and peace. See all the fairies of purest of heart, sing her back to her soul. Remember fragmented energy is just that, it’s not personal, but it adheres sometimes so we can grow from the experience no matter how deep and debilitating it becomes. Much like cancer. It’s not personal. But use it instead of it using you!

As many of us pick up our broken hearts and question our own validity, let me leave you with this jewel; Doreen was just a way shower, it is YOU that enables this beautiful energy to heal or hurt and I know you chose the highest of vibrations. Doreen fell and she fell hard, let this not rattle your foundation but make it stronger that it not be contingent on what another believes about you. This was never about her, this was about you. This was your path to understanding that you have always been standing on your own ground, that no one has to believe in you, except you. This is your moment to awake to the great knowing that it’s all beautiful. So, bless her because by doing so, you’re blessing your entirety. After all, you’re all of it.

All my love,

Vanessa Wishstar, IM
Many Blessings,
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