Multi level marketing is the new Facebook blogging essentially. You get noticed finally, and make money in it! But does it come at a price? What happens when we become a gurudiva instead of a being who likes what they sell?have you found jesus

I, myself, am in several multi level marketing businesses, but not for the reasons most are. For me, I love the product so much, I can’t help but share my find. Best part is, I can make some bucks for my time spent in spreading my knowledge of those products. There’s NOTHING wrong with multi level marketing, in fact, it’s one of the greatest gifts we can offer, given there’s not much of a middle wo/man, since we’re it (aside from creation). MLM, predominantly women, radically shifts the work dynamic as to not be ‘just a mom’ – though that means you now have TWO jobs, but at least one you’re being paid for one of them. The other plus is no matter your social economic status, it gifts you the ability to be financially independent and your own boss.

But this article isn’t about all the pros of MLM, it’s about the hidden ego in it. No doubt, you’re selling a product that you soul-fully believe in, something that made your heart sing and then you realized that you can get paid for this joy too! And that’s how life is supposed to be; when you’re in your muse.

But. What happens, as with most businesses, is the ego creeps in, giving a holier than thou perception. It’s not purposeful, but what happens is, it’s not – in check. I’ve seen it again and again, so much so I don’t want to be a part of many MLM families, which is sad.

How to keep your guru of self, in check:

1. Believe in the product, but don’t become obsessed with it. Much like a religion, as soon as you project your beliefs onto another, thinking you’re saving them (no matter how pure your intentions), you’re doing more harm than good.

2. Chances are you’re not licensed to give medical advice. Even if you are, whatever you’re selling is now biased, so just be aware of that. I’ve seen this so many times, that the sales representative crosses the line from sales to doctor. Respect the fact, you do NOT know your clients medical history and don’t ask them for it! Try to tell your personal story of how it helped you, instead of thinking they’re doing something wrong by not following your protocol.

3. Not every product in the MLM business is ‘IT’. Meaning most MLM businesses thrive, not just because of it being a MLM, but because they have REALLY good products, but as businesses do, they always want to make more and more money, so they start creating other items that might not be in their expertise. You’re allowed to hand pick what you think works. You don’t have to vouch for everything. Be selective, be discerning, it will say a lot more about your character than just selling what you’ve been sold-n-told.

4. Remember on Facebook, when people got popular for their *blog like pages? And people with businesses, all tried to get as many likes as possible? Then the filtering happened of where their pages weren’t being shown due to algorithms, etc. Well, this is that. It’s a constant search for other’s attention. You must work hard, and be plugged in, answering messages at lightening speed and always having a funny meme. You host parties, you share posts on your private Facebook page, you do everything possible to catch another’s eye. It’s exhausting. But what you can do to change that, is state how much you LOVE your product, you’re selling, and how it made a difference in YOUR life. Try to leave out fear based assumptions that you think will work for another. Just focus on what you LOVE, not what you assume will be good for another.

5. Be passionate but not a passionate dictator! We all have that one friend who loves to talk about their business and then is passive aggressive of doom and gloom if you don’t take their advice. They’re probably not much different in their personality, but it might be hidden. So, if you’re that person, try to redirect your passion. It’s YOUR’s, not another’s and people catch on a lot faster of how great your product is, when you share your personal triumph, not jamming it down their throat. Think how you feel when approached by a pushy salesman. You usually don’t give eye contact and try to avoid at all costs. Well, you might be THAT peddler – check yourself.

6. Fear doesn’t promote, it misrepresents your product you’re selling. Car salesmen, might make money fast, but more than likely you’re not a stereotype. Instead sell *cars with integrity by noting their strengths AND weaknesses. NO MLM business products are a ONE FOR ALL SOLUTION, so stop selling it like that. Otherwise you’re the one being duped.

7. Be kind and respectful. It’s so simple, but rarely represented. Understand everyone has their own path and if they’re sick etc., they might need to be exactly where they are, there’s many GIFTS in being ‘in it’. So stop trying to *save anyone but refocus on what brings you joy and shine that, appreciating how everything is perfect, ‘as is’.

If you feel threatened or mad at this article, appreciate that, and use it to find the good. If you still feel aggravated it’s only the ego that does because it hit a nerve, something you might of not wanted to look at, but subconsciously you might be ready to. You’re so much bigger than the little ego, so much. So, use these points to become an even more amazing business being, in selling something that makes your heart sing. The world needs you!

Shine on,
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