As much as we oppose or support Donald Trump, I came to recognize he is the mirror reflection of America’s mental state of awareness.  We are toddlers when it comes to emotional import/export. We have no filter, everything feels in our face, besides not having a long enough history in experience in being an adult yet. Let’s make one thing clear though, adulthood isn’t much better. It’s filled with therapy, in trying to unblock where we’re limited in our beliefs, which keep us stuck in an endless cycle of cynicism and blame. No matter where we are in our cycle of life, we have work to do.

I am youAfter hearing about another mass shooting and continually listening to the verbiage of “what the hell is wrong with people” to many answer, “they need God in their life”, I dug deep to find out what we really need, not to fix it, but be aware of ‘it’.

I was recently “assaulted” at my residence and it was one of the scariest moments in my life. Aside from all the legal charges that the perpetrator brought on himself, I also noticed what was happening energetically during that actual event. I was alone at the time and while the perp was aggressively harassing me and threatening my life, including throwing a 70 pound potted plant at me, I couldn’t help but witness the energetic undercurrent. Side note, I read energy, I’m an Intuitive Medium so of course I ‘read’ the situation besides being physically alert to what was occurring. I was surprised how awake I could be, as when one is in fight or flight you hone in on only the most important of details and discard the rest, but in this instance, I was wide awake on all sensory levels (except smell). What I noticed while he got the gumption to approach me in the late evening; banging on my door screaming, as I answered it (it was Halloween night so my defenses were down even though it was well past trick-or-treating hours), I was able to ‘hear’ him beyond his abusive language. I noticed how he almost awoke himself from his dream state of hate, but then shut it down just as quickly becoming even more aggressive in order to follow through. I noticed how powerless he felt in the very beginning, almost questioning what the hell he was doing (for a split second) only to shut that part down so he can continue his mission; getting across to me that I was in danger because he was mad.

What shocks me though, was that he FELT he could act on behalf of his anger. He didn’t fear the repercussions or the possibility of his aggressive actions. I wasn’t armed at that time and I’m grateful for that. There’s a great responsibility if you take a life regardless if it’s your right, and in that moment, I didn’t feel that was appropriate, even if he was threatening my life. The police, who are trained in this have a hard enough time having to make that split decision everyday and here we are just a civilians thinking we can. Point is, it’s not as simple as that. But what I am ‘armed’ with (and you can be too) is reading the undercurrent of the energy that’s being expressed, aside from the words being spewed. The way you do that, is to do your own inner work because in these times you can respond instead of react, otherwise you’re just mirroring their behavior.

In the moment, before he physically threw that heavy potted plant at me, I noticed his shift in consciousness. I noticed him squelching his gut instinct – his humanity. I noticed how easily he was able to ignore his consciousness arising and the intoxication of alcohol cheer-leaded him on. I noticed his detachment from self.

This is what is happening not just to me, but to America. “Why is there so much hate”, people ask? Because they hate themselves (unconsciously). Those who hate are in pain and they can’t bear their own pain, so they perpetrate that onto another because it’s easier to spread their cooties, than heal themselves, so they think. It lessens the blow, temporarily. And most folks, doing life temporarily, rarely are in it for the long haul. They see everything “happening TO them not FOR them”*. They are the victim, as they see it.

What’s this got to do with our president, Donald Trump? Everything. This is not the sole reason, per se, for the mass shootings, for assault, or rape, or incarceration. But what Trump’s presence symbolizes is where OUR mental health is at. We’re either supporting him or opposing him, we’re rarely finding ways for him to heal, thus for us to heal. We’re missing the opportunity that he is just a reflection of our own mental anguish in which our pain is magnified because it’s not listened to, thus we don’t listen to ourselves. How many people do you know that are either furiously angry or avoid anger at all costs because it’s not spiritual? I personally know many. Anger is the gateway to healing. As I’ve said in previous articles, “Forgiveness does not come through the absence of anger“. When anger is not used as a tool for you to work through,  it is instead hoarded in the heart feeding your vendetta, then one ends up trying to purge it, instead of using its offering which is always a heart opener through its vulnerability.

Just as how the perpetrator I experienced was filled with so much hate, directed at me personally, he was so misguided and then his actions led him into a heap of legal trouble. What concerned me, is that he believed that he could get away with it, that he could purge his anger instead of taking full responsibility for it. He gave away his power, even though he might of felt opposite…temporarily. He, just like Donald Trump, is having an epic temper tantrum being an adult that won’t take the responsibility for their own personal drama because they’re powerless when anger consumes them. Therefore, they’re projecting an inflated egoic response to anything and anyone who threatens their righteous justifiable anger, instead of recognizing it’s an inside job.

So, what do we do? If we want to help heal the world, making it impossible for the idea of harm to exist, we must work with where we’re at. We must find where WE are angry and listen to it. Not react, but respond by listening in the first place. Don’t justify it, just listen to your inner voice. Be the parent you never had, but you always needed. When we can SIT with the feelings that arise instead of activating them, what happens is our energetic bodies are able to transmute that dense, intense, raw energy and compost it; using it. Sometimes it feels like it disperses, sometimes it feels like fire, but the longer and more often you can just sit with its rising, not judging it, nor making a story of it, but just sit with it, allowing it to burn itself off, much like how you extinguish a wildfire, you’ll notice a great shift within which will get mirrored as your external world.

It’s all an inside job!
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium

Many Blessings,
Vanessa Wishstar ∞ Intuitive Medium
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