Here’s a glimpse into how to deal with what your psychic, astrologer or your palmist gives you. Do it anyway, but use the shift gear to get it into drive.
Don’t match what they say, verbatim. Even when they say you’ll get a green truck and you get a white one, during Mercury in retrograde, and now it doesn’t start. Just tune into what’s being attracted to & for you and trust it. Very long story short, you can NOT make a wrong decision. Your decision might need more finesse but, there’s no such thing as ‘wrong’, perhaps you were being setup by the Universe and if it’s an ‘up-set’ = set-up, then rejoice! Hey you’re getting the Universe’s attention, right? 😉 do it anyway
On a serious note, just play witness to it all, that’s your job, no other. Do, what is placed in front of you and act accordingly (minus the story…even if Mercury is in retrograde). So many times, I catch myself trying to ‘read’ what is occurring and that is helpful as long as it doesn’t limit the action that needs to take place. Making sure none of my decisions are fear based, I move forward with effortlessness because I’m moving out of the way for things to align. This is where you are powerful in the decision making process. Not the decision itself.
I was the one who ‘read’ the situation and felt it was a green truck, that we were going to get. Turns out right before we bought the white one, the only other comparison was a green truck we found that day. Still we purchased the white one. Why? Because I knew the info I got (green truck) wasn’t in matching color and not meant for us. Plain and simple. I tuned in…again. It didn’t mean one was wrong, it meant that energetically that was what was coming up at the time. In this moment was another time, still a pick up truck, still the same make and model but another color. Then I got other signs that we were going to get a white one, as in literally my grandmother mailed my son a toy pick up truck within this time and it was white. See how it works, when we’re not stuck on a reading in time & space reality?
The more we can take information in, but not a fix ourselves to it, the more the Universe can work its magic. We have to step out of the way, yet be alert to everything that is flooding our psyche. That’s why I say, take it with a grain of salt, when one has a reading with me. Some things are transparent, others are transient. Go with the flow and stop paddling up hill against the current.
Vanessa Wishstar, IM
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