Which means, that one cannot start the forgiveness journey if you don’t address and validate how you feel. You don’t have to feel angry, but chances are that it’s within you. Not to be reactivated or acted upon but it’s there for you to sit with. Just as you would a child whose been hurt. You’d never say to that child, “suck it up” (unless you are unaware), no, you’d comfort them, listening to how they feel regardless if it’s rational. So, why not do the same for yourself?


Authentic forgiveness, comes from authentic acceptance of how you feel. It doesn’t need justification, just awareness. And it’s in this moment of deep nurturing and listening to that wounded part of you, that forgiveness arises. Rarely all at once, sometimes it takes decades, but to honor how you feel, when no one else can, you give the gift of forgiveness to yourself, first and foremost. As everything else is just ointment on the wound. Be what you’re searching for. That’s love.






You love,
Vanessa Wishstar, IM

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