As many of you know, you’re learning about your child – the good and the challenging while homeschooling/virtual schooling them. So how do you work with their traits? You look at their astrological natal chart!

Go online and search, “free astrology natal chart” or go here: Cafe Astrology. The site will ask for your child’s birthdate, exact birth location (hospital, midwifery center, or wherever the child was born), and exact time of birth. Note, the time of birth is important as it will affect your child’s natal chart, specifically the ascendant (what’s rising in the sky at the time of birth). 

Read their SUN sign, MOON sign, ASCendent/Rising sign. You can go deeper too and read other signifiers but the sun and moon would be most relevant. I believe that children operate from their moon because in the first seven years, they come from their emotional center. Therefore, when really young (< 3yrs), I rarely see their sun sign energy but rather their moon sign energy activated. 
Sun is where you shine!
Moon sign is how you handle your emotional self.
Ascendant is how other’s see you, like the cover to your book of you. Usually people will guess your Asc., before your Sun sign. It’s also how you tend to dress, unless there are other strong factors at play.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th):
Your little spitfire. Aries will be ahead of you, no doubt. To get their attention, you’ll work double time, but then they’ll be right in the middle of the action so as to wonder why you’re so stressed? Your little Aries will challenge you in ways of being actively engaging, promising to keep school alive and never a dull moment. If you’re homeschooling, lean towards a bright classroom, keeping the mind guessing is always good. Puzzles might be something that challenges them but keeps them engaged. Keep flexibility in your planner for field trips and even movies. Outside movie with a daytime campfire anyone? Let this spirited child be the boss at times. Role play will be a favorite and testing. Dress up – theater will activate their personalities. Even making masks so they can pretend to be someone else. They need an adult, not a friend but someone who can handle their intensity. They’ll look for someone to take the lead when they’re young so be that role model by choosing to be an adult, someone who is secure and responsible. An unattended Aries can be trouble. They desire your attention in a friendly way but secretly depend on you being the parent. Rules don’t necessarily work, but barter does, same with compassionate listening and follow through! You have to follow through. 

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th):
Comfort. They better be in comfortable clothes, even if they want stylish ones, comfort to a max. They have to feel comfortable which also translates to safe, but that part won’t be obvious, even to them. Their school time will be dedicated to beautiful experiences. Making a good friend will be vital to them and probably long term. They need a confidant, someone they can merge with. They do tend to be hard on themselves, so showing them ways to lighten their load would be beneficial. Home study or studying home activities might be of interest to them. Give them time, no bull likes to be rushed. And don’t dilly dally, stay present, they notice even if they don’t say anything. They need to know they’re valued, just as they place value on a few good things, it’s to understand their own worth. They won’t necessarily people please as that would be an energy drainer, speaking of which they have great discernment. They’re an energy saver. Think personal energy, money is energy, property and possessions are energy. They’ll be protective and thrifty with all of it! So, don’t waste their time with drama or nonsense, get to the point and show up! They’ll love you for it, as they’re in it for the long run.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th):
Flitter, flatter, creative power! They need space to bounce around from thing to thing and flattering them is necessary for their growth. Spatial attention will always be a sore spot if they’re limited to a small box. Give them access to choices!  And multiple ones in each subject. Even tossing your ILP (Individual Learning Plan) in the recycle bin and let them communicate to you how a school day could look. They probably will gift you an ingenious outlook on it. Zoom check ins, busyness is their strong suit. Not saying they’ll be present enough for it, but they need the mind stimulation. So, those books that have different choice endings, would be a perfect opening of possibilities for them to feel engaged in. Let them know you support them no matter what, they need to HEAR it. Communication is key and not just one direction. Give them access to theatrical avenues, like puppet making or improv. They’ll astound you at their acuteness but notice the undertone – find where they struggle. They might not even know, as they’re so busy avoiding it and going onto the next thing. “It’s just not a big deal”, I feel that Gemini’s would own this comment. Embrace who they are and share it! They don’t mind blushing, they know it’s love.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd):
Tell them you love them before, after and during the school day. Little poked holes in a banana saying, “I love you” will make them feel extra special. Do it everyday, in fact. They’ll thrive on it and it’s necessary because someday they’ll be taking care of another and it’s because of the care you gave during these formative years. They’re bright learners, speaking of which. They can also retain knowledge even in their sleep. And they NEED their sleep. You’re going to get a crab if you don’t get them in bed at an appropriate time. Think karma with Cancer’s; everything you give will somehow come back around. They don’t forget kindness. They are one of the Cardinal signs so they’re going to appreciate structure and calmness. They desire to ‘keep the peace’. Find ways to help them appreciate their sensitivity. Rituals of any kind (through love) will be a highlight. Take time to show them you care.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd):
Let them roar, even if it comes out as a whisper! Many Leos act like a Leo when they’re younger, but get so beaten down by society that they spend their adolescent years and into young adulthood healing themselves from the trauma of society’s insensitivities. Oy! Let your little Leo BE THEMSELVES, whatever that may be. Do everything possible to nurture them in that, no matter how weird it is. They need your confidence and supportive voice. Yep, especially verbally. They need to hear your love and feel it. If they want a special group of friends, foster that. If they want to read books in their bedroom all day, foster that. School for them will be a social experiment, let it be. Leo’s later in life will gravitate toward a specific profession that will align with them, until then, let them explore themselves through relationships with others. That’s the schooling. 

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd):
They’ll be the ones that ‘correct’. Correct the teacher, self-correct, correct the lessons of the day. Even if they don’t say it out loud, and chances are they don’t, they’re still doing it. Fact is, they can’t help it, it’s a way of organizing the mind. The way to support a Virgo kid is honor their meticulousness, show them it’s of value. They don’t miss anything. And if they do, it wasn’t important anyhow. Some can be studious and those that aren’t, it’s NOT due to laziness but rather boredom. Lessen the stress that they put on themselves by giving them ways out. Help them think of possibilities they have never thought of. They can get locked into a doom and gloom mentality and get stuck there, like their whole world is falling apart. Help them rewrite their own story. Chances are they’ve never considered an alternative possibility. And don’t spotlight their shyness, just find ways to celebrate exactly who they are in this moment, in fact find out how you can be more like them! Honor every part, they won’t forget this gift offered.

Libra (September 23 – October 22nd):
They want to experience it all. And by doing so, they’re on a constant quest to discover themselves through these experiences. Libras seem to constantly weigh everything, many times never committing to just one thing. How could anyone? So, we embrace their ‘what if’s’ and let them lose themselves in beautiful things. They will sure appreciate it and probably share it with you too! Your little Libra will enjoy the sociability aspect of school even if they’re an introvert. They like to keep the mind busy alive, weighing their likes and dislikes. This brain activity fuels them, giving them peace and a bit of control over their environment. Don’t give them too many choices, but just a few will help them focus in but still have a choice. And surround them with POSSIBILITIES of beauty. Don’t create the beauty, or your understanding of beauty, let them do that. It’s what they’re good at. When you give a little Libra the space of possibilities, you gift them the world. This is how they make magic! 

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st):
A little powerhouse. Nothing gets by these deep souls. They’ll be aware of most everything, always scrutinizing what will serve them best. Just don’t argue. Plain and simple. To win any argument you’re going to let them do it within themselves. And they can. They will eventually come to terms with where they might be wrong and where they’re right. They might not tell you, either. Just go about your daily doing and let them have space to figure it out. What they feel is intense, so the more you can create a safe-space to let them feel that intensity (even if you think it’s drama) the better because it’s real and they’re living it. Respect them. I feel like Scorpio children, due to their incredible sensitive nature on all levels really require respect out of anything. Treat them like you would a good friend. Honor and keep their trust. Show them how to take care of themselves, gently. They’re not really good at that because they’re such a powerhouse they just believe they’ll burn it to the ground and start anew. They can have too much body identity, so helping them understand how the body is only a tiny bit of who we are, as when we die we’re even that much bigger, will steer them to lessen the controlling aspects of their earthly stay. Create space for creative projects, they all have some type of creativity that needs an outlet. Bring peace to the schoolroom. Leave judgement and ‘good grade’ conversations at the door. They don’t need the pressure, they need your fluidity to balance them but backed by factual information. They want something to hold onto, in the physical. 

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st):
They want to DO it all. This action packed little jumping giant will never leave you bored. In fact, you’ll be trying to play catch up the rest of your life. Just go along for the ride. And oh what a ride it will be. Saggies have a high likelihood of not being able to sit still in school. That box that they’re in, the teacher’s voice, those homework assignments that they just spent 8 hours doing and now there’s more, will feel soul crushing. But they want to please you because they need your attention. They need it more than food. They want happiness, doesn’t matter whose it is, just that happiness exists. So, take them on the adventure they crave! Be active with it, give them a string to connect the dots of life. Help them relate what they’re being taught to real life. Because they’re living it, right now. There’s no future unless you’re talking about the present. Let them breathe, let them teach you. Literally. They’ll find it funny and you’ll see what they’re retaining in knowledge. Do plays, story time, engage them with your presence. If they’re not homeschooled, make sure you help them where they’re struggling. Chances are they’re struggling but you’d never know it, given their demeanor. Most Saggies have a challenging time in school, unless they have a Cardinal sign (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra) influence as their ascendant. Their school is Life. So, play with the struggles by getting creative, don’t just chance it on the school system. They’re born to be leaders in how to live a life well lived. 

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th):
These are the teachers! Step down. Let these little rulers show you how they learn. Literally, give them the chalk and you play the student. They also need a plan. Don’t just plop them in a Montessori school and think you’ve covered all your bases, they’ll grow bored. And when they’re bored they can get cranky. Speaking of which they also appreciate seriousness, structure and accolades. They like to know they’ve done a good job, witnessing their tough exterior melting for just a bit. The saying, “Capricorns are young when they’re old and old when they’re young” is spot on. Organize, but leave room for diversions. They like to be in charge, so setting rules is healthy, but be flexible in the end, after all, they want to be the one who writes up the rules. So, let them! Even for negative behavior, chances are you’ll have to lessen their own strictness! They’re also funny. Many people never get to see this part of them. It’s like their secret power, as why would they show that vulnerability until they just can’t hide it anymore. I feel many comics are Capricorns, believe it or not, because that’s the surprise: you wouldn’t expect to laugh, but you will. Their humor is dry and on point, things you miss in daily life. Get them also interested in being their own boss. So, help them *control themselves instead of others or their environment. They can be erratic when frazzled but that’s only because they’re wound so tight the majority of the day, they need a safe space to let it out. Curb their tongue though, don’t be their doormat, they’re looking to you for how you’ll respond. Be kind, but be firm – someone needs to be in control. 

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th):
They want to KNOW it all. They will weird you out, bringing up the oddest of conversations. Actually, you’ll have to ask because that conversation I’m talking about will be in their head, not out loud. They are fun, and will take calculated risks, and they’ll open your eyes to possibilities you’ve never considered. Many Aquarians are very smart, intelligence is their natural state almost as if they’re not completely from this planet. They don’t know how they know what they know, but they absorb information almost beyond the mind. When they focus on some project, they don’t just give it their all, they become it. Don’t interrupt them. They have a plan, it’s in their head, you’ll probably never hear about it, be ok with that. Little Aquarians also struggle a lot with self esteem. They want the world to be a better place but they shoulder the burden (alone) in trying to make it that way. Through art, space, books, humanity, engineering, science, programming, really almost everything that requires the mind to work in depths of immersion you’ll find an Aquarian behind it. The problem is they want themselves to be perfect. They can’t see that they already are! So, the attainment of ‘that’ will always be elusive. Show them self care! Starting with the body, meditation – freeing the mind will really help. Show them how important it is to rest but also be active IN the body. Get them a Sagittarian friend stat! They’ll feed off of each other. Great scholars always have significant Aquarian influences. So, show them everything else that’s of value.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th):
Little sensitive beings of light. Think lightning bugs, everyone wants to play with a Pisces but you have to be gentle with their vibrational-selves. They feel everything. They try to be tough enough, thinking that’s the only way to survive in this dense world, but what if we really nurtured our little Pisces? Cuddling won’t ruin them, instead it will nurture them to pulsate a healthy vibrational force that nothing intrudes that space of self love. Pisces can be super smart academically or lost in the clouds, sometimes simultaneously. They have evolved enough to retain information without having to be present! Much like Gemini, they’ll bounce around as if they can’t stay long enough to learn, but that’s not how they learn. The information that they download is on a different level of absorption. Many times Pisces will skip class only to return at the end of the semester and get an A-. How did they do that?!? Give them plenty of opportunities to try out their likes and dislikes. Let them flitter around, lighting up when they’ve hit their own jackpot. They will. They’re kind, sometimes too much. Many times forgetting to give to themselves too, to refill their own tank. Help them find their spiritual connection (separate from yours) and see where they gravitate, what sings to them. Fairy work, outside instruction/schooling, playful bouts of learning even if it’s a sport will help them engage their body. As being IN the body will most often be a challenge, so make it fun to do so. They’re not afraid of a challenge, just give them the space to discover what that is. Be tender. 

Written by:
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium & Spirit Guide

Bio: I am a seafull of mountains always seeking the truth, a mystic-called dragon, a psychic phenomena(l) goddess who births stars and makes wishes on their dust. I just love being me. And you being you.

I live in remote, pristine, Alaska and also the regenerative healing waters of Florida, discovering how life is meant to be loved. My husband and two children are my entire universe in which we frolic about, living out this dream. “Live on purpose”, I say!

Vanessa Wishstar, Psychic Medium, Spirit Guide, Supernatural Writer