Your Right to Space in Covid-19:

I see a lot of questioning about Covid-19. And you should look at every possibility regarding the path of this virus. But when one gets huffy about their ‘rights’ being taken away, this is the line that you fall off into oblivion.

You can believe anything you want to about Covid-19, but this isn’t about just you. When you turn it into righteousness, you eliminate the whole and thereby massaging the ego. This is about the whole, no matter the story. We stay home, for the whole. It has nothing to do with your right. It has to do with what’s right for the whole.

Please exercise the difference. Respect each other, even in varying beliefs. It doesn’t matter what our governments suggest, as we’ve been practicing healthy mannerisms prior to their suggestions. Think back a month. You don’t want to spread cooties unknowingly and you don’t want to get cooties unknowingly. We can look into every conspiracy theory till we turn blue, but the truth doesn’t lie in facts, it’s in the kindness.

Stay *home as much as possible. Be protective of your brothers and sisters, for they matter as much as you do. RESPECT SPACE, think of it as a gift you’re giving yourself, and another. This is a good thing. Imagine if we were to behave like this minus a virus? 


Isn’t that the American dream?

So, if you feel this is invading your rights, maybe you’re invading the rights of another by crowding their space. Be kind. Make room, if not for yourself then your fellow being.

Breath in… breathe out. And again. Feel the space being made for you, to just exist. This is a gift. Be in it. 

Addendum to understanding: 

Our situation is that more often than not, that we’re unfamiliar with occupying our own space. Here’s an example. I was in Costco (many enlightenments happen in Costco for me – or maybe it’s because it’s the store I shop at when I’m in an urban environment) anyway there was this young man who was zigzagging the aisles, no mask, no gloves, no protection, completely out-of-body and operating essentially intoxicated through guilt.`I watched his energy, no judgement, just witnessing. I felt how he was scared, embarrassed, guilty unknowingly. He was completely out of his element, as if his aging parents asked him to do a job, as in going to the grocery store for the first time. He talked out loud to himself nervously, occupying the entire aisle as he didn’t know what else to do. My heart held him through this. For at times in my life, I am him.

Most of our in-body existence happens while we’re out-of-body – lost in the mind. And now due to this virus we’re being asked through the goodness of the whole that we stay *home. Home in-the-body. You can take the body outside, you can let it rest in a bed, you can sing to it, cry in it, make love to it, but what’s required of you is to BE HOME. For most, this is uncomfortable. Rarely are we IN anything while being stable. We confuse it by thinking we are our feelings. We’re outraged! Instead of realizing our feelings are ‘in the feeling of rage’, not the totality of us. So, being IN OUR *HOME..within it can be restrictive/walled in, hence why so many think it’s a fight for their rights, thereby taking up more space! They too are not home equalling they’re not even conscious. Fear gets you unconscious as fast as you can swat a mosquito and usually you’ll look like a bumbling idiot doing so. I know I do. 

Let’s take road rage, you still have it. You know who you are. It’s not about guilt but awakening to the fear that’s taking up space in your ‘home’. Everyone is in your way! Reality is, no-one is home-within, so we have a lot of vehicles without drivers, there’s bound to be a lack of fluidity. No one has a job to do, or repetitive activities to focus on, their entire pattern of their lives have been shaken up, expect everyone to be in everyone else’s business. 

Where are you? 

Are you home-within? 

Or are you fearfully projecting, thinking it’s protecting

Are you avoiding people OR seeing it as giving them space? 

Are you seeing everyone as a potential threat, or are you giving what you’d like offered = space to be?

Here’s the thing, we can’t give what we don’t have. For instance if someone says, he didn’t love me, what it really is about, is that he *couldn’t love me. There’s a big difference. 

So, in this respect it’s that others can’t give what they don’t have. 

This is why it’s so important to BE HOME…within. You’re not just staying put, you’re going inside, somewhere you probably haven’t really been in a long time, as the external world occupies your attention 24/7. Practice not only going here in the mind, but physically – somatically. 

Be the witness of where you fight it, where you’re fearful. Love it anyhow.

This virus came at a perfect time, we needed this opportunity of growth universally, sometimes the pain that arises from it can feel insurmountable, but the offering is still advantageous, if you use the medicine of the moment

In summary, BE HOME..within, make it sacred, be the turtle, take it with you because when you do this, you OFFER this. Giving space so we all can BREATHE. 

Your friend,
Vanessa Wishstar, IM


Many Blessings,

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