Someone recently asked me what my ‘margin of error’ was regarding politics when applying psychic mediumship. I LOVE this question, so much.

Here’s my reply…

“So my ‘psychic margin of error’ is so variant because consciousness is threaded within it. I would say my percentage rate of being *wrong (via politics)is slim, so maybe 5% but it’s so nebulous. I wish it wasn’t, as it would make my job a lot easier. Here’s the thing, it’s constantly changing, there’s rarely a set destiny. This is good and bad in my experience. What so many of us have predicted has played out but also played through. So, the information that is given isn’t scientific as in the way of being measured, but a feeling of sorts. For instance, a year in of his presidency, I kept seeing Trump being shot, in the head specifically. It was played off as being self inflicted, but it wasn’t. I don’t necessarily get this strong of a feeling any longer. So, then there’s two questions to ask… 

1) Was this incorrect of a prediction? 

2) Is it still yet to come? 

As much as I loathe Trump, I hope that this would not be the case, for anyone in fact. There’s so much more to this insight that I plan on doing a video podcast on these hot topics soon, but there’s something really important I discovered when it comes to getting intuitive messages. It’s rarely factually based! Society’s consciousness is constantly changing, waxing and waning, so what might be feeling true, might need to shift for our evolution, not our survival per say. This shift from fear based to awareness is crucial. This is why it’s so important to find the good of what is occurring. NOT TO ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE, but to bring awareness where we were once in the dark. As far as Trump shooting his head off – well he kind of already did that. See what I mean? The message can be taken literally, or figuratively. Usually it’s both, but at this time it’s figuratively.So, when I say my margin of error is slim, I’m not being cocky, I’m relaying that the information of what’s coming through can’t be measured in what’s right vs what’s wrong. It’s impossible. This also drives me nuts. But it’s also where our freedom lies because when we attach a belief to that belief we miss the entire reason of why we’re here. Utopia, is loving another, even when they can’t return it, so we love them anyway. With healthy boundaries, with honoring our truth, with gently waking them up to their own fear based survival modes. Our job isn’t necessarily to do what’s *right, but to be compassionate in understanding that everyone is trying to do what’s right as long as they don’t get caught up in thinking they are right, vs another is wrong.

So, to summarize, we know nothing and everything, however we get our intuitive messages.  

Vanessa Wishstar, IM

Many Blessings,
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