My kid got pushed while in a musical parade by an older boy. Then him being tired and exhausted from the activities, MY kid threw a rock at a younger boy an hour later. This is energy in motion.

It’s not personal, it’s just raw without consciousness. Energy doesn’t stop, instead we handle it with emotional intelligence. Many times we miss that tiny window. I did. Then again, we were in the middle of a parade.

Here’s the odd part, I asked my son later that day how he felt when that older boy pushed him? He responded, “what push?” This is it! It’s not personal, it’s not like he took on the frustration and pain of another this time, but his psyche did without understanding why. This happens to ALL of us, moved, bumbled about throughout the day with a multitude of energies. Some expand us, some feel to burst our bubble and some just bounce off. Our job is to really be IN our space because truth is nothing can touch us in our quantum understanding of physics. That being said, energy is still going to move, so instead we become transparently aware, which means, out of the thinking mind of protection and instead bring our awareness of great love to ourselves, even when we get pushed. Let all energy keep moving therefore never *hitting us, but keep it flowing.

This is evolutionary.

This is how we succeed in the human race.

Be a good human by allowing it to flow. Don’t stop it, to fist fight with air.

kids hugging it out

P.S. My son is now writing a ‘I’m sorry’ letter to his new batman friend. I believe it’s the 21st equivalent of writing 100 sentences on a chalkboard. Plus it develops emotional intelligence through empathy. We also acted out different ‘pain body’s’ to understand how to handle our own E-motions.

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