I’m not one for celebrating this holiday of expectations, mainly mine, even though I try not to have any expectations. But the best celebrations are the ones completely unexpected. Let me share with you, the joy.

I get an email on Valentine’s Day, in the early morning from one of my clients, someone who each time I ‘read’ for magically gets it, and if not, is open to watching it unfold in the near future. This client is so intuitive, like most, but she’s also incredibly sparkly, as she has the innocence and gusto of fairy energy around her, in which I think that’s part of what she’s made up of. So to sum it up, she’s glorious.

Here’s what I received today…
“Good Morning Sweetness
I have to tell you,
You are so so good at what you do. I am always amazed that every single thing you say…. So you told me something that kind of scared me, you said I would be increasing my family. I of course got nervous and thought, oh my daughter ‘A’ will be pregnant? with her new boyfriend? what else could it be? she will get married and I will have a new son in law?
nopePhoebe Wahl - Artist
Something happened yesterday that I am in shock about and will be for a long time.
Really quick I will tell you its because my other daughter ‘B’, my 15 year old, for her birthday a few months ago, she asked for a DNA genetic test thing.
Yesterday ‘B’ received a message saying she had a first cousin that matched with her.
I contacted the cousin and we chatted and said I would help her find her mom, that is what she wanted. After thinking about it. I thought it must be my Aunt ‘F’. Yes, its her. well I called my Aunt ‘R’ who is my Moms sister. I asked her first if she had a child and did she give it up for adoption. She said no but, when she did she hesitated and I caught it and new something was up. I was very persistent with her and said what is going on?
(This client’s mother passed a bit ago, and we’ve had connection with her in all prior readings.)
She told me something that I am still trying to process, she told me my Mom, the person I thought I new better than anyone. Had a baby and gave it up for adoption. but wait that is not all, she had another baby and gave that one up. The same family adopted the both of them. I have a sister and a brother I never knew I had. I spoke with her last night for hours. She read me what the adoption place wrote about my Mom and it was all correct and it was very detailed info about my entire family, meaning my grandma and grandpa and her brothers. No one knew any of the stuff she told me. I will be having a dna to confirm.
Can you believe it Vanessa. YOU told me I would have my family increase, I of course didn’t understand how and never would I have thought it was this way.

love love love you dolly face”
This is one of the greatest joys in my practice. It has nothing to do with me *knowing anything, but being a vessel for my clients to *know. All I am, is the messenger and I can’t help but dance in my client’s joy because they aligned with what needed to reach their consciousness. They created the space for that unfoldment, that miracle. How? Because she didn’t put pressure on what came through, even though it didn’t make any sense at the time. She created space for the possibilities and then allowed it to unfold, not hovering over the details, squeezing out the information to be understandable. She let it go = giving space, but didn’t forget! She was aware and present in the reading and afterward when she gets the transcript (hence another reason why I LOVE doing online readings, it does limit me from seeing who’s on the other line, but that’s a good thing, as I can just deliver what’s awaiting my client, respectively).
This is magic. This is why I say to you, YOU are magic.
Respectively yours,
Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium
Many Blessings,
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