On-Demand Psychic Q&A


Readings are held via my Virtual Office (online via Zoom) or In-Person (seasonally in either Haines, Alaska or Vero Beach, FL).


On-Demand Psychic Q&A are non-live readings, where you can ask a group of questions pertaining to ONE TOPIC and I will respond via an online message within 72 (business) hours.
Please no more than 6 questions at most, but at the same sense give me a few identifying features so I can thoroughly tune in.

Additional information


I will meet you in-person to do a reading which will be at my office, locally here in Haines, Alaska. Please arrive a few minutes ahead of time providing you a full reading.

Virtual Office (via Zoom)

Recorded Zoom meeting, in which I will invite you to a private session. *High speed internet required.

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