Intuitive Mediumship

Connecting pathways for your spirit guides, loved ones, and pets to come through. Sharing information and validation that we’re all just a ‘thought’ away.


Shared vulnerability with aha moments so one can understand the Universe’s workings.

Evolution of Consciousness

Space in which to grow your innate abilities through educational courses.


Intuitive Readings

I do Online Readings via Mediumship (including psychic work) which means I communicate with loved ones (even furry) who’ve passed through and tune into your energetic field which embodies Infinite Intelligence. I help you align with what serves your highest self and offering validation, that yes, you too can connect with them. I am merely a messenger & guide/teacher. I also currently am offering an On Demand Psychic service for all your immediate needs.

Evolution of Consciousness

EOC offers courses to help elevate your vibration, allowing you to sing your own song. Every being is unique and what works for one, won’t for another. The courses I teach offer you space in which to discover yourself, trusting it, then sharing it. The power of knowledge isn’t in the mind, it’s using every experience you encounter in life on yourself, to find that understanding. Only then will you be able to share your story, helping others, because you’ve helped yourself and there is only one.



I write to understand how the Universe works, us being the creators of said experience. I write to have compassion for myself, not so much cathartically, but channeled from our highest awareness. I write because I believe in something so grand, that which we’re all a part of. I write on behalf of our collective consciousness, in experiences our souls share, all for the common goal of understanding that we’re love.

"You are so loved, for this is what you're made of."

I have been blessed to know Vanessa for ummm, well let”s call it over 13 years. She was my dad and mom’s next door neighbor, and we had many opportunities to share stories, laughter and love. So, one afternoon, we were gathered around the dining room table and just chatting away, when she said there was some people that wanted to talk with me….(more...)

Vanessa Wishstar has bridged the gap between my own shortcomings in expression, and insight to the realm of love above. She makes my heart sing, while expelling compassion, kindness and wisdom in a way that allows me to understand the love around me in my toughest of times. She is an Oracle in the most humble magnitude, while sharing light when I was lost. She is an exemplary fate of our lives’ potential.

Let me start with I have always been skeptical of intuitives and mediums. After talking with a few that just made blanket statements that had no bearing in my life I wrote them all off. Vanessa changed that. In an impromptu reading she tapped into very specific knowledge that I had never told anyone before. It took me two days to fully process what she shared with me. I am so thankful for her, her love, talent, and the messages she was able to give me. ?

I am so grateful for the incredible ability of Vanessa to ‘tune in’ and open a channel of communication for me. I am always surprised and delighted by the information that comes through. Some aspects of my reading are obvious, but the most exciting and rewarding parts are when I don’t understand something at first and then at a later date it just becomes so crystal clear… (more...)

That is all I have to say is AMAZING!  I had a reading with Vanessa over a year ago, (time to connect again). She told me someone from my past would be a part of my life again by spring of this year.  It didn’t come about quite as I expected it would, but come about it has!  It has allowed me so much closure with this person.  I still can’t believe it happened.  Vanessa is THE REAL DEAL.

Having a reading with Vanessa Wishstar is like finding that piece of the puzzle that’s been missing, you knew it was there but you couldn’t figure out what it was, or where it was, or even how to get it. She makes the experience comfortable when you feel all the emotions that hit you like a tidal wave. Vanessa helps you find those loved ones that you’ve missed so much and just need them to know you’re okay…(more...)


Vanessa Wishstar

Welcome to my Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium website. I do Online Readings through Psychic Mediumship… which means I communicate with loved ones who’ve passed on. I tune into your energetic field (which embodies Infinite Intelligence) and work with your guides on delivering information aligned with your highest good. In addition to full-length psychic readings, I also offer membership/punch cards for my On-Demand Psychic services.

Evolution of Consciousness is the space in which I offer courses in awakening awareness. Everything from Psychic courses, to doing “The Work” via Byron Katie, and Mentorship on growing your Intuition. ‘Epiphanies of thyself’ happen here.

Be sure to check out my Blog also, as I share vulnerable moments of compassionate understandings, so other’s can learn through our collective experiences.

My job consists of tuning into our higher frequencies while sparking that connection with Source. I see it as me holding your hand while we walk through this stream of consciousness. There, we dip our toes in and you realize all along that you’ve been accessing this unlimited knowledge, beyond the mind. I am merely a messenger, a guide/teacher, in showing you ‘how’. From so many testimonials, it has been said that after a session, one feels not only lighter but empowered in their own innate intuitiveness. And that is precisely my goal – to show you how to access it by creating space to experience a new reality, along with giving information that’s destined for you, in the purest form.

What I specialize in:

  • Transitioned Loved Ones: Connecting people with their loved ones (even furry) who’ve crossed over.
  • Medical Intuitiveness: Health, Dis-ease, Natural Remedies, Body Scanning.
  • Relationships: Love, Friendship, Soul-mates, Family Relations.
  • Past Life: Parallel life, as I see it.
  • Business: Attracting more of it, What’s in store for You, Connecting with certain people or companies, Is it the Right fit for you, Where your focus should be for a better outcome, and so much more.
  • Future: Where you’re heading in life, How can you be more in alignment with what’s in store for you, Compassionate Understanding of Life’s challenges, Focusing on where you can really shine…

Many Blessings,
Vanessa Wishstar ∞ Intuitive Medium

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