These testimonials are from my clients connections they've experienced  and their personal validation.

Your testimonial is crucial for newbies and those who question what Mediumship is all about. It gives others hope, holding a light in the darkness of the unknown. So please if you've had a reading from Vanessa Wishstar, and if you could be so kind in sharing your experience and honesty through this process as many aren't aware of what to expect. Your experience can offer ease and compassion through a journey most remember throughout their lifetime.

Fill out your Testimonial below, as well as reading the personal validations.
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Summer H
January 2, 2013
The reading you so generously and beautifully gave me helped me navigate such a tumultuous time, and I feel like this very blessed, serendipitous turn of events in my life is a direct result of the powerful information that you gave me. I am so thankful for the support, encouragement, and guidance that I received through your very special talent and skills. The reading with you was absolutely life-changing and I feel the ripples from this experience every day…and it feels wonderful! Hearing all of that illuminating information truly benefited me in that it allowed me to know where to focus my energy, and how to navigate a very challenging situation. When things felt to be chaos, your reading brought me peace, light, and joy. To feel joy amid such an intense difficult and dark time was nothing short of a miracle. I am so thankful to you (and to the spirits that came through!) for allowing me to receive these messages from you. Thank you for your positive, healing light energy. You are a truly special and beautiful woman and my life is brighter for knowing you!
October 27, 2012
Vanessa’s reading brought me great peace and joy about a situation I had been uncertain about for some time. She confirmed feelings and emotions I myself had been having but was doubting. Her confirmation was right, straight, dead ON!!
Carrol M from Virginia
October 25, 2012
I had my very first reading OF MY LIFE the other night with Vanessa.I have to say that I was very excited and felt completely at ease. Nothing scared me or worried me and I went into it with a full and open heart. I was able to connect with my Grandma which filled my heart in a way I can not even express. I am still thinking about it!!! Vanessa is such a kind person…and from what I remember from when we were younger, quite a silly goose :):)I believe that I had such a wonderful first experience because of HER. The gift of the reading she game me is unmeasurable and something I will FOREVER be grateful for. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Steven B
August 12, 2012
Anyone that is the least bit interested in speaking with a medium should absolutely contact Vanessa. I am the most close-minded person that you could meet but there is something about Vanessa that I always felt was genuine and unique. Even though I have never met her (she is a high school friend of my wife), just hearing stories about her and seeing occasional facebook posts made me feel very comfortable contacting her regarding a reading. After a session with Vanessa even I walked away having to admit that this stuff really works. She was able to bring up parts of my life that even my wife wouldn’t know. You’re never going to find a more genuine, caring person than Vanessa and you are sure to have an experience that you will never forget.
Stacey L from New Jersey
July 20, 2012
Vanessa has a true gift. My reading yesterday was amazing! I was able to connect with my dad, my sister and my furbaby I had recently lost. She really opened my eyes to things and is a great constant pillar through this journey I am on. There are no words to express my gratitude and love I feel towards Vanessa and the journey she is helping me with!
Mark, Barbie, Mara from Colorado
June 25, 2012
Spi-Doozle! WOW, Ka-Wang… Sometimes, mere words cannot express our feelings of LOVE and GRATITUDE, so we must make some up!!! Pa la sin dor Ga Ind el. Love lots!
Rod from New York
June 21, 2012
Talking about a down to earth girl who is very intuitive and can connect. Someone who understands what life is about and helps getting the message through giving us the comfort of being able to receive many calls from the love ones from the other side. Life after life, gives you the peace of knowing it’s a phase of learning, experiencing and progressing in our spiritual path. She is not only sweet, but also very kind! She will explain what’s going on and the feeling she is having during the session. Talking about a vivid experience giving you good memories all around! “They are here!” and they really want you to know that! It was a lovely experience and I am really proud of her for getting to doing this for others! I believe this is a gift from God for assisting others in times of sorrow, grief, etc! I hope she will be able to bring peace to many and keep it humble and real always! May God bless her path with love and peace helping her in this wonderful adventure!
June 20, 2012
Vanessa is just wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable during the reading. She gave a lot of information, as well. Her reading helped provide reassurance and closure and less sorrow, since my dad had passed. He had came through and it really helped me out. It was nice to hear from him. Many other people came through, but it was interesting. She gave me a lot of good insight and positivity. I love Vanessa!!!!!!
Jennifer B from New Jersey
June 20, 2012
Vanessa is amazing! We had reconnected after a very long period of time and at first I was unsure about how the “reading” would go. I was skeptical and scared as many are. I had lost my Mom several years before and although I do believed in spirits, I wasn’t sure how I would handle the connection. Vanessa was kind and helpful in getting me started on my journey. Not only did she connect me with my Mom, but also so many others that I have lost (even my dog!) She took her time, explained things as we went along and gave me all the time I needed to work through it. It was the most enlightening experience I have ever had and look forward to doing it again. She helped me “cleanse” myself of some toxic things in my life and taught me how to smudge as well. The insight I gained from her knowledge and readings (I have had 2 now) is something I would not have gained on my own. She opened my heart and my mind and I am truly grateful! Lots of LOVE! xoxo
Mara C from Colorado
June 19, 2012
The reading was just a really amazing thing. It’s great to be able to talk to those who have passed away. Even though it seems scary it really isn’t.
Steve W
June 18, 2012
My experience with Vanessa’s readings was fabulous. I was amazed at the insight she offered me. What she communicated to me was in the exact tone of both my sets of grand-parents, that I could tell which family was saying what by the way Vanessa said things. I always wanted my masculine side of my heritage to support me and this was confirmation that they are there. Thank you Vanessa for providing that connection!
Kathleen H from Georgia
June 18, 2012
What can I say but thank you. I got a reading from Vanessa at a point in my life while working with a very challenging issue. I had done much work, but I was still missing that final piece of the puzzle so I felt unsettled. The reading itself was fasinating, but it took an open heartedness on my part to really allow the deepest meaning to surface for me. We went in a round about way, me not knowing why we were on the track we were taking until the very end. Then it all came together and I had to laugh at the odd way I was lead to that final piece of the puzzle. I felt complete validation and a sense of true understanding. I was at peace. I thank you, Vanessa, from the bottom of my heart and I truly appreciate your work.
Alison H from West Virginia
June 15, 2012
Shortly after the purchase of our home last year I started hearing strange noises. If I was down stairs something would fall and hit the floor upstairs. Funny thing was, there was NOTHING in the room where the sound would come from. Also if my Husband or I were upstairs we would hear someone down stairs banging around in the kitchen when nobody else was home! While in our dining room we heard a broom sweeping against the wall. Thank God nothing would happen in the basement! (too scary for me) I contacted Vanessa to see if she could help me with who/what the noises might be coming from. To my surprise she said she’d been wondering about my house BEFORE I’d even contacted her! I had posted a Facebook photo of my new home and when she saw it she was able to see what was there before my house was on the property. Vanessa didn’t even know what State I was living in at the time. The last time we’d talked, I was living in San Diego. Vanessa was able to help me from afar without even knowing where I was located! She could tell me things about my new house down to the pink walls the former owner had painted! She assured me the spirit living with us was not meaning harm. The spirit simply wanted to let us know she is there. After telling spirit “Karen” we acknowledge her presence and are OK with her staying with us in our home. The noises have subsided and our home is now Peaceful! AHAH
Carrie S from Virginia
June 12, 2012
OH and “the work” by Byron Katie is a godsend! I was sooo nervous about doing it at first…its hard! I still get really stumped. Vanessa is great at helping you with it! It really helps to work things out though! You see things in a new way. I am always left refreshed and thinking clearer arterwards. Its wonderful.
Carrie S from Virginia
June 12, 2012
Vanessa is a truley incereadable human being. Over the past few years she has helped guide me through the most trying times of my life. Her insight is absolutley invaluable to me. I was actually suprised to learn about her gift. I had no idea! I was definatley open to it and she has done many readings for me over the last few years (and will hopefully do many more over the next several decades!!! :)) Vanessa helps me understand things that are happening and happend in my life and lets me see things in a different light. Some things floord me…just details…ya know. She has helped me deal with loosing my mom witch crippled me for over a decade. Vanessa is a light in my life and i treasure her. Her ability to “see” and “connect” is part of why im alive today.