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What a beautiful thoughtful gift to give. Through this offering your gift recipient will receive a psychic connection with me, Vanessa Wishstar, in a one-on-one live psychic reading via Zoom, Private Chat, or In-Person. After purchase, I will email them a custom invitation to schedule a session. Please provide their email address.
Prepare for at least one hour of undivided attention from your guides, loved ones, and angels to connect to your higher consciousness, in Infinite Intelligence. Raising your vibration to elevate your awareness that you are what you seek. And as your Spirit Guide, I will hold your hand quite simply showing you – you are the medium, the light, the knowingness, the love. Let me show you what you’re made of!

Additional information


We will meet in a private reading room via chat.


I will provide you a phone number to call enabling you into the private conference call-in which it will be recorded.


I will meet you in-person to do a reading which will be at my office, locally here in Haines, Alaska. Please arrive a few minutes ahead of time so *we can give you a full reading.


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