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Welcome to my Vanessa Wishstar, Intuitive Medium website. I do Online Readings via Mediumship (including psychic work) which means I communicate with loved ones who've passed on and tune into your energetic field which embodies Infinite Intelligence. Mediumship could mean many things, but for me it's not necessarily just one job title description as I do a wide range of 'energy work'. It's an interesting story of how it all came about and continues to do so, as it just baffles me how easily accessible this 'knowledge' is. I really like to instill that all my information I receive from those who've passed on, and spirit guides/angels and in so many other avenues of receiving, I can't express enough to you that YOU are just as capable as I am; to listen. Mediumship/Intuitiveness isn't some special gift I have, as the way I started this work was by listening and trusting in what I got. That's it. Yes I had near death experiences and a complete life change through a head injury, but those were merely stepping stones. The point is there is no 'I GOT THE GIFT' moment, even though wouldn't that be great ;)! It was all gradual, like life, soon you realize you're in a different house, or you have kids, or are married. It's just flow that's all. I just started to accept the information I got and I taught myself how to listen. So for more information on Intuitive Mediumship, or to receive an Online Reading, or even to learn new techniques to allow peace in your life, visit my links above.

What I specialize in:
*Transitioned Loved Ones: Connecting people with their loved ones who've crossed over.
*Medical Intuitiveness: Health, Dis-ease, Natural Remedies, Body Scanning.
*Relationships: Love, Friendship, Soul mates, Family relations.
*Past Life: Parallel life, as I see it.
*Business: Attracting more of it, What's in store for You, Connecting with certain people or companies, Is it the Right fit for you, Where your focus should be for better outcome...
*Future: Where you're heading in life, How can you be more in alignment with what's in store for you, Compassionate Understanding of Life's challenges, Focusing on where you can really shine...

On this website you'll find many facets of what I 'do' in life as they are all in the Evolution of Consciousness. Speaking of which this leads me to my non-profit organization; Evolution of Consciousness or the actual business; Camp Evolution of Consciousness, it's a place where children can explore and nurture their intuitive side of nature. In life we are pushed into developing our left side of the brain trying to access more information to become successful and smarter for ourselves and society to appreciate us, to tell us we're valuable. The issue that continually comes into debate is what happens to who we innately are? All our natural talents, our way of being, gets brushed aside for the development of the Left side of the Brain! What happens to us when we are directed to 'grow up'. This is where Camp EOC comes in. We're creating the space for children to reconnect with their intuitive talents allowing it to blossom. The brain requires balance, and when it becomes out of balance due to our steady input of more and more information, we disengage our natural way of being. If this piques your interest please visit the Evolution of Consciousness/Camp EOC website for further curiosity.

Get comfortable while you're at my virtual home, as I will feed your soul with recognition of who you really are. We think of ourselves so limited and small, so all I ask is, for you to allow yourself to feel however you feel and LOVE it, as that's all you need to 'do'. Love and Accept yourself right where you're at, so the world can match it!

Many Blessings,
Vanessa Wishstar
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